Black Seed 2 Amazing Benefits You Need To Consider

Nigella sativa(Black Seed) as it is called, is a small flowering shrub with purple or white-pink flowers that grows in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Western Asia; while it may appear unwary, the shrub produces fruits that have small black seeds.

Black Seed 2 Amazing Benefits You Need To Consider Black Seed

These black seeds have been in usage as remedies for centuries as archaeologists found the seeds in King Tut’s tomb, emphasizing their role in history for healing and protection. It is also used in cooking to add flavor to bread curries and pickles, and when eaten, the seeds have a bitter taste, thus often compared to cumin or oregano.

Black seed has demonstrated its capacity for treating some of the most common health symptoms, which include high blood pressure and asthma; it shows strong antifungal activity against Candida albicans yeast that can lead to candidiasis if it is allowed to overgrow in the body.

Another example of black seeds health benefits in reducing and controlling high blood pressure is by taking black cumin seed extract for two months, and it has proven to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol in the body system.

Consuming black seed oil has proven to reduce high cholesterol fatty acids, and it can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. An excellent example of fatty acids is Linoleic, and Oleic acid and the level of the fatty acids might vary depending on the region where the black seeds are planted.

Enhancing rheumatoid arthritis symptoms by using black seed. It helps in reducing inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis symptoms by decreasing the asthma symptoms. The anti-inflammatory effects of black seed may reduce asthma symptoms by reducing inflammation in the airways and also help to minimize bronchitis symptoms.

Reducing stomach upset using black seed is associated with relieving stomach pain and cramps; the seed can help to reduce gas stomach bloating, and the incidence of ulcers as well black seed is also thought to have anti-cancer properties.

Black Seed 2 Amazing Benefits You Need To Consider Black Seed

It helps fight against skin cancers; when applied topically portions of black seed known as timer Queenan and other seed portions was able to reduce the growth of tumors in lab rats, the seed also may help to reduce the damaging tissue effects of radiation that is used to kill cancer cells, but these results is yet to be studied in humans.

Black seed can not be used as a replacement for conventional cancer treatments; black seed oil has a lot of applications and benefits for treating problematic skin symptoms. You can found black seed oil in many health food stores and pharmacies. Please get natural black seed oil for the ultimate solution for your skin at Amazon.

According to the Journal of Dermatology and the metallurgic surgery, applying a lotion prepared with 10% black seed oil greatly reduced skin acne after two months of usage. Those that participated in the study reported 67% saddest hydrating hair, and the oil can be applied to human hair in order to soften it and promote inverse psoriasis.

It has been discovered that applying black seed oil shows signs of reducing the incidence of plaques psoriasis softened skin, and black seed oil has been added to cream oils and moisturizers in order to improve skin moisture and hydration wound healing.

The application of black seed oil on the skin has proven to reduce inflammation and the presence of bacteria to aid in wound healing. At the same time, it doesn’t seem to help grow new collagen fibers; it does stimulate other growth factors to help the body create new healthy skin.

Please remember that blacks seed oil shouldn’t replace prescription treatments that a doctor may give you, but it does have some incredible benefits that can work in a dish to these treatments to enhance your skin.

Black seed can increase the effects of medicines that the body process through the Cytochrome p450 pathway enzymes, in this pathway metabolize about 90% of common medications. Examples of common drugs can include beta-blockers such as Metoprolol and the blood thinner, such as Warfarin.

If you take any prescription medications regularly, please discuss it with your doctor before taking black seed. You should by no means stop taking any of your regular medicines without talking to your doctor first.

Black seed can help live a healthy function life, but taking too much black seed can also be dangerous to the liver and kidneys system. If you have health issues with these organs, kindly discuss with your doctor to determine a safe dose, and also topical black seed oil can cause allergic reactions.

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