What is The Most Special 5 Benefits Hidden in Honey?

I was invited for a free ball today, and we are going to be discussing why you need to consume and utilize raw Honey every single day. We will be taking a look at the 5 most astonishing health benefits of fresh honey intake, and there are thousands of rewarding benefits. Still, I will be sharing with you five of the astonishing health advantage of why you should eat raw Honey unfiltered every day.

What is The Most Special 5 Benefits Hidden in Honey? HoneyWhat is The Most Special 5 Benefits Hidden in Honey? Honey

Number one: Let’s get the most obvious point out of the list, what do you use for skincare? It is Honey. Honey is a natural healing agent that is good for the skin, for any skin conditions, like acne, psoriasis, eczema, pimples. And if you’re not happy with your skin because there are blemishes or you want to treat your wrinkles and also want your skin to glow more.

Maybe you have scars on your face and anywhere on your body, both hidden and unhidden parts of your beautiful body, from the public eyes or not. Honey is one of the best skin care remedies to use, and it is very mild with all types of skin, especially if you applied it with Aloe Vera.

It heals skin scars quickly and also helps in calming down the skin. So always give it a second thought before applying any cream or medicated ointment on your face or the hidden parts of your skin.


The best way to use Raw Honey on your skin is to apply and soak it on your skin for fifteen minutes and then wash it off with warm water every morning or evening. Give it a try for seven days and share your amazing testimonies with the world.

Number two: Honey is the anti-everything nasty you can think of, anti-candida, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, etc. And, the list goes on, and while Honey is working against the pathogens in your body at the same time, Honey will not kill the good beneficial bacteria that you have in your gut. So don’t be scared; instead, it is the opposite supporting your Microbiome to flourish.

The real anti-everything nasty is your Honey, especially if you are affected by chronic illnesses, there are so many things going on in your body. And you are looking for ways to get rid of it, and I will advise you to go for raw Honey if you are suffering from any chronic illness.

Take raw Honey every day at least one tablespoon, not a teaspoon, one full tablespoon of Honey in your fruit drinks, or your tea before going to bed wherever you can. Please note that you can get Manuka Honey which is ideal for traveling at Amazon.

Number three: if you were suffering from low energy, adrenal fatigue, bitch liver, brain fog, or anything that has to do with your adrenal system and also with brain clarity.

I recommend you try out raw Honey, and it can boost your energy strength. Let assume you are an athlete or if you need a lot of energy throughout the day, and Honey can supply the required body energy and helps with mental clarity especially when eaten with KETO Breads also known as healthy bread.

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What is The Most Special 5 Benefits Hidden in Honey? HoneyWhat is The Most Special 5 Benefits Hidden in Honey? Honey

One of the astonishing things that Honey does is to heal your liver, your brain, and it is one of the best and primary sources of digestive sugar besides fruits for healthy glucose.

Guys, if you have been told the sugar lie, do not eat sugar, sugar is dangerous for your health, and so on and on. Yes, I agree with them; you should not consume corn syrup, high fructose, any nutrient-depleted sugar, sugar alcohols, and artificial sweeteners.

It is an absolute No to me, but whole foods like the golden liquid called raw Honey are definite because they are pure energy for your body system. It also helps to restore the neurons and the glycogen levels, which are stored sugar in your liver.

Your liver needs healthy glucose to heal, and fruits and Honey are what you need if you were suffering from brain fog, adrenal fatigue, sluggish liver, memory problems, and all that is connected with it.

If you have diabetes and think because of diabetes that you can’t take Honey, please think twice. I know you’ve been told that you have to avoid sugar, but the whole diabetes thing has to do with fat, especially with unhealthy fats, and when you are combining fat and sugar, it will make the entire system blow up.

It’s not healthy glucose, especially not fruits or Honey, that is the problem here but raw sugar, artificial sugar, and fats, which are found in almost various food diets we consumed. I will write an article on diabetes types very soon and encourage you to watch out for it if it is a subject you are interested in.

Number four: Honey as a natural healer, I have personally experience the inherent healing power of Honey. It’s been one of the significant healing factors for me, from healing from allergies and food intolerances. I’ve also suffered from substantial sinus issues, and Honey does two things for you here, if you are suffering from allergies and food intolerances sinus.

It will first kill off strep bacteria-resistant, and strain of strep is the cause why we are sitting here, and they are moving freely in your liver. While causing all this inflammation that makes you react to things like pollen or healing foods in your digestive system, strep bacteria, and simultaneously stabilizes your food digestion.

This is crucial guys, you want to benefit from everything that comes out of your digestion, and why does that work with Honey? Because it stabilizes your cell walls if the cell walls are stabilized. Less histamine is released into your gut and into your tissue, which creates all the inflammation in the sinus. And also there is zinc in there which does that and so many more things that we have no idea about yet.

Number five: this is a big one. I have a question for you. Question of the moment, is honey part of your daily life? Do you eat Honey one teaspoon or one tablespoon every day?

Drop your comment in the comments box, don’t be shy about it. If Honey is not part of your daily life yet, I still want to know, please engage in the community, and if you like this article so far, please kindly share it with your friend and family. We will appreciate your feedback regarding this content if it is valuable for you.

Now for the final point but not least, for the big emotional trauma stress mood swings anxiety that you want to have. Taking one tablespoon or more of raw Honey per day will help because it is a soul balm; apart from that, it cools down your nervous system and bursts it with phytochemicals that help to balance your whole moods and also help to balance your blood sugar.

Yes, it helps maintain the balance of your blood sugar levels, which are very connected to your emotional health and how you feel in your body.


The energetic quality of Honey is all about warmth beauty, take a moment, and imagine a beautiful flower garden where the beans have bees, and the bees are producing raw Honey. This is like a problematic beauty warmth of unconditional love.

Taking honey tea with my clients is one of my favorites self-love medications because it also helps me to relax my nervous system, and is highly recommended for those suffering from PTSD emotional trauma stress.

Honey does an excellent job of reducing stress or eradicating it in your life. If you found it difficult to relax in the evening or letting go of the things in your mind or trying to solve all your emotional problems or have mood swings hormonal imbalance.

This is what you should do; the best way to claim yourself is to have one teaspoon of Honey before you sleep that will assist your brain in relaxing. Always feeds your brain with healthy glucose because actually for your brain to change from the waking state to sleeping state.

Glucose is required to supply a little bit of energy, and the needed glucose must have the ability to go through the blood-brain barrier. A lot of the sugar candies cannot penetrate the blood-brain barrier, But Honey, healthy fruits, and a lot of whole foods can do that for you in a couple of minutes.

In conclusion, skincare, healing of scars, anti-everything especially for chronic illnesses, amazing anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-candida can be handle easily with one tablespoon spoon of raw honey daily.

What is The Most Special 5 Benefits Hidden in Honey? HoneyWhat is The Most Special 5 Benefits Hidden in Honey? Honey

Honey is very good for low energy, brain fog, and mental clarity as well for allergies food, and tolerances sinus issues and, last but not least, is to solve armed self-love tour anxiety. If you have emotional trauma stress mood swings, hormonal imbalances make sure Honey is part of your meal.
Don’t forget to answer the question, is honey part of your daily diet? Let me know in the comments box.

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