The Most Beautiful 1 Way to go Braless Every Single Day

Welcome to another detailed article, and there’s a topic that has been looming over my head for the longest time which is braless and I want to talk about it.

Nipples women have them and men have them, but of course, women’s nipples are sexualized, so she has to wear a contraption that has foam on it or hide from the public.

It is uncomfortable and not only that when you live in environments with 80% humidity, but it is also scorching, and wearing a bra is very undesirable, and I want to liberate them.

I will be sharing with you ten good ways on how to go braless because I am braless about 90% of the time.

The Most Beautiful 1 Way to go Braless Every Single Day BralessThe Most Beautiful 1 Way to go Braless Every Single Day Braless

The only time when I am not braless is when the peas are out there, and the funny thing is moms are always braless about 70% of the time when she is at home.

Those girls are just out doing whatever they want to do, let’s stop sexualizing nipples, and I think it will help if we say it a couple of times in the pools nipples nipples nipples.

I mean it’s not fair that guys can just put on a t-shirt and walk out and not have these labels attached to them. Honestly to me I think nipples are cute and when a girl is wearing a tank and some of it is showing through, it’s kind of like an accessory.

I believe it’s adorable and it shows that she’s edgy and cool, but unfortunately, society is not caught up to that, so we have to hide them in strategic manners.

I am going to give you guys ten tips on how to go braless and hopefully you guys will pick up on this and use it for this summer because I know it is hot and it is never comfortable to wear something that is padded.

One quick thing you’re not supposed to wear your bra when you sleep at night unless you wear your bra actually to lower the chances of you developing breast cancer and that is just something I read I don’t know how true is it.

Tip number one: Which is the easiest one, it is wearing tape. There are two types of tapes, and we are going to talk about each one of them. The first type that you can buy looks like a flower that goes right above your boob I think these are a lot better because they are cheaper and smaller, so you are not wasting a bunch of materials.

The second one is heavy-duty cloth tape; it is just like a medical tape if you go into the band-aid section of Walmart or Target shopping mall, you find it there.

The cloth is skinny, and it’s soft, so if you push your nipple and put the tape over it, it softens it up, and it is called moleskin tape, and I have them already pre-cut out.

The reason why I use this type is that it’s the same colour as my skin and will not entirely review the nipples, but you know it’s a skin tone.

So when I put it over my nipples, and I’m wearing a shirt that’s a little bit more on the sheer side at least it doesn’t look like there’s a dark spot right here, which kind of defeats the purpose because obviously if you see a shady spot, you know that there is supposed to be a nipple there. So this is the one that I would wear if I want to cover up the colour and also the nips.

Tip number two: you can try to wear something with ruffles, and the cool thing about ruffles is that it covers up a lot of stuff and you really can’t see it because it’s Billy. I love wearing ruffles, every time I find a shirt or a tank that has ruffles on it. It allows me to go braless. I do not have to wear a bra with a shirt that has ruffles.

Tip number three: Will have to be the tops, actually tip number three and four is wearing good tops. So the first thing is wearing something that has a thicker fabric like a cable knit top and if you look close on a cable knit Top it looks like a sweater texture, and it adds an extra layer over your nipples.

Tip number four: is wear something in a darker colour, there’s something about wearing a darker shade where you can’t notice your nipples, just because it’s not sticking out and the dark colours are erasing the shadows, and that’s how you can’t see them profile wise.

You might see them sticking out but face forward you can’t tell that you have nipples, so wear something that is in a darker colour.

Tip number five: wearing a material that is not too stretchable unusually thick leather and the reason is that these types of tops always come with side darts and these darts actually help create a 3D effect on your sink which makes looks like you’re already wearing a bra.

So any material that is hard for you to put your finger through, most likely you are not going to have any problems with your nipples, as far as I know, nipples aren’t going to be escaping from your Top

Tip number six: wearing a top with a lot of decorative elements on it, for example, a Top with a lot of embroidery and embroidery adds a layer of thickness to the front, and in addition, it also prevents your nipples from trying to escape

Tip number seven: now if you’re wearing something extremely sheer and you want to cover it up there’s nothing easier than throwing some Jacket or vest over it, it’s just so simple that the only problem is that you can’t take it off.

I have a blue Jacket, and it ends up being some of my favourite pieces in my closet because I can wear it with literally every kind of dress or tops.

Tip number eight: Layering, so this goes without saying the more layers you put on, the more it’s going to cover up your lady bits and a right top with pleats and Layers on it will do a good job.

I think pleats are crisp actually if you guys notice a spaghetti strap over the Top it will add a little bit of coolness to your outfit and it’s so easy, and you can avoid wearing a bra.

Tip number nine: wearing a top that has pockets in the front, and it is vast. The pockets in the front of the Top will help cover up your nipples because it adds another layer in the front especially pockets with little flappy’s which is technically triple the layer.

So you don’t even have to worry at all also if it ends up being cold because this is actually like a four or five-layer kind of ordeal that is going on right at the nipply side.

Tip number ten: wearing something that has crazy patterns just because the eyes are not going to draw itself to that one little point that’s sticking out. The crazier the design, and if you can get something in a darker colour, you will be doing yourself a great favour.

Any top that is made of Rayon and you guys know how Rayon is super v and clings to a lot of stuff especially nipple so get something that is a darker tone but a lot of patterns to wear to avoid people staring at the two things that are sticking out of your chest and lastly.

Tip number 11: Who cares if your nipples are hanging out, who cares if you are not wearing a bra, and I don’t think anyone has a right to be offended by nipples because it’s a beautiful thing and if you ask your mom you might find out that you’ve been breastfed with it.

So wear whatever you want, it doesn’t matter and if people are going to look at it and sexualize it and think that you’re a skank or whatever.

The Most Beautiful 1 Way to go Braless Every Single Day BralessThe Most Beautiful 1 Way to go Braless Every Single Day Braless

Let me tell them something they are the perverts, not you, but once again I know society hasn’t caught up yet, and the nipples are still kind of an offensive thing which kind of disgusting to me. But if you are brave enough, go braless.

I go braless about 90% of the time in the summer I go 100% braless during the winter because I can layer up and the sweaters are thick, so I want to know how many of you guys are willing to let your puppies roam free right now?

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