He Stokes The Flames, Instead Of Extinguishing Fires!: 5 Examples

Many of us, remember, earlier times, and Presidents, regardless of their political beliefs/ positions, who, in times of crisis, always, seemed to put the best interests of the nation, far ahead of their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! Regardless of whether, one supports, or opposes, the politics, of President Donald Trump, there should be agreement, we are not witnessing anything, which, even resembles, being normal! Recent statements, Tweets, and positions, emanating from the present occupant of the White House, often, seem to be, stoking the flames, rather than extinguishing the fires! In times like these, when so many people, feel disenfranchised, and threatened, Americans, largely, seek comforting words, urging understanding, addressing areas of concern, true empathy, and someone, who wants to unify, instead of polarizing! With that in mind, this article will briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 concerning examples, and why feel, we need better.

1. Charlottesville response: Most remember, when President Trump, rather than focusing on providing comfort, because of the deaths and injuries, apparently, caused, by certain individuals, who carried Nazi, and White Supremacist symbols, etc, he used the expression, Many fine people, on both sides. He articulated a message, seemingly, equating protests, with violence, and apparent, racism, etc. With that in mind, and some of his earlier statements, is it any wonder, so many seem concerned by the present occupant of the White House?

2. Lack of genuine empathy: Who has heard, Mr. Trump, express, what might be considered, any degree of sincere, genuine empathy, and caring about the victims. Whether about earlier incidents/ events, or, the recent, horrific pandemic’s impact on human life, or about the apparent police abuses, and actions (by a minority of bad – apples), he has seemed to prioritize the so – called, economy, often patting himself, on the back, or making polarizing statements, instead of comforting, understanding ones!

3. Using blame, and complain, instead of accepting any personal responsibility: Every one makes mistakes, but, the measure of a quality leader, must be, a willingness to take and accept personal responsibility! On several occasions, after negative incidents/ actions/ behaviors/ events, etc, when asked, what he would rate his performance, and/ or, what he thinks, he’s done wrong (or would do, differently), he declares, everything he does is perfect, and nothing, which went wrong, is his fault! His general approach, is, to blame and complain, others, instead!

4. Root of protests, when a black man, died, as result of excessive force, by a policeman: One Tweet about the man who died, and hundred, about the more violent protestors! How does that help? There is a big difference, between protesting and rioting, and, seemingly, to inspire his political core supporters, he labels (without evidence) the protestors, as anarchists, and states he’ll declare that group, as domestic terrorists (even though, there is no such definition in U.S. law). No one wants violence, yet, he seems to feel, he can appeal to people’s fears, and threatens to use, the military, on US territory, against American citizens. What could possibly go wrong with that approach?

5. The Southern Wall: For years, we’ve heard Trump’s rhetoric about his Southern Wall, and declaring, it is essential, to protect us! Although, most experts believe, the costs are excessive, and the benefits, limited, he sees it as a symbol, which he can rally others, around! He even defied the Congress, and transferred other funds, to begin building this edifice!

Wake up, America, and hold Trump accountable, for the potential harm, of stoking the flames, by using inflammatory rhetoric, and making false statements, so often! Is that really, the best, we can possible be?

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Source by Richard Brody

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