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Anichebe Anticipates Returning To EnglandNigerian striker Anichebe expresses his wishes to return to England to play after staying on the sidelines for a very long time.

Most of the player’s former colleagues express their concerns for him. Because of his many injuries during his years of playing, he has been inactive on the pitch.

He had injuries almost every season that hindered him from reaching his full potential given the fact that he was a very talented young player.

Other players thought that Anichebe was just unlucky because of how frequently he sustained injuries and how he could no longer play.

He was a promising and resilient player but his term was cut short. He recorded 18 goals after playing with Everton for seven years straight from the club’s academy.

Victor Anichebe after he left Everton, went to China where he joined the Chinese League but later announced that his own club in Beijing urged him to only fix matches and not to make an effort.

The Mirror’s Alex Smith wrote that Anichebe quit playing for the Beijing club because he was told to only fix matches not make an attempt to be better.

As a very talented player, he could not wait for matches to go bad before he fixed them, he wanted to play to his full capacity and since the club could not have him play like that, he left.

At the point when he raised the issue, He said that his colleagues let him know they do as they’re told in China.

The Nigerian was delivered by Sunderland the previous summer and joined the Chinese second-level outfit in June, however, he left last October in light of concerns held with the orders confirmed.

UK-based attorney Chris Farnell is prompting Anichebe and is said to have raised the player’s issues with the Beijing outfit’s head supervisor on two events, however, the grumblings apparently didn’t prompt changes.

He knew that after going public with the issues he faced with the club, he will not be again contracted by them to play.

Anichebe was later dropped mid-contract by the club and has been off the pitch since then.

Anichebe’s return brings prospects of an increase in casino activities and bets on him from die-hard fans, especially if he returns to England.

Some setting on coordinate fixing in Chinese football announced a three-year investigation delivered in 2013, that turned up results and prompted 12 teams being fined and 58 players, authorities, and officials restricted.

Anichebe has had battles with injuries in his career, most prominently missing practically all of 2009 in light of a knee injury while he was at Everton, however, given his age, he could in any case be an accomplished pickup as a free signing.

Imminent businesses will in any event finish him on an assessment of profound quality after he got out the bad behavior he affirmed was occurring in China, and he recommends the issue could be a profound established issue in the alliance.

Anichebe Anticipates Returning To England

Anichebe after a series of unfortunate events is fit to return to the pitch again and has expressed his wish to return to England.

In an interview with Sky Sports, he talks about his unfinished business with soccer in England.

He said he has been working on many other things and have been training throughout his two years of inactivity.

He currently has a few offers but feels that they are not good enough for him and is waiting for a perfect opportunity or an offer to play in England where he had marked several wins in his days with Everton, Sunderland.

The Nigerian striker has had over 26 goals with 13 assists and a total of about 204 Premier League appearances.

Nonetheless, Press Association Sport comprehends a sweep has since affirmed that he is fit to play and that implies he is probably going to have offers to play in England soon enough.

He has expressed an interest in one day owning his own football club. Anichebe’s days as a free operator Anichebe are now coming to an end as he is now in the limelight making arrangements to get back to playing by the end of the period in September after serious preparations.

His fans expect him to return to the pitch sooner than later.

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