Why I Do Not Support DNA Paternity Testing -Pls Share

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DNA Saga: Why I Do Not Support DNA Paternity Testing -Pls Share


I want to share my story, maybe this will help the poster from yesterday’s post .(Click here to read reference post).I am very sure the reason the husband is refusing to go for a DNA is because he knows the child from the other woman is not his….I know because , the same thing happened to me…

Twelves years ago, I was a Driver earning about 20k per month. My wife….then …a girlfriend got pregnant for me and because of her family, we got married. Things were tough cos she was a secondary school certificate holder…not much she could do but petty trade to support my salary as a personal Driver for a lady.

Along the line, things got so bad that  could not keep catering for my family…we now had two small children…I was still on the same salary…I was also doing part time degree course. I had no choice but to send my wife and kids to my family in the village.

Back here, to survive, I did all kinds of things to survive…one of such …I am not proud of but ladies seem to flock around me then…so I got financial gain from these relationships to keep body and soul together.

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I got involved with my boss…I was sleeping with her for years. She was married and had no children but not up to six month of affair with her…she got pregnant. She did not say anything to me but I knew the baby was mine. We kept going with our affair after she gave birth and under one year, she got pregnant again.

If you see those children…they are exact copy of me…she fired me….I threatened to tell her husband about us (I really did not mean to but I was left in the cold when she fired me)…so she compensated me with a car to start my own cab business. My wife on her part…I saw her once or twice in a year.

Because of our financial situation, when we had s*x during the times I visited…I made sure not to cum inside her cos we did not want more children. So you can imagine my shock when she called me that she was pregnant…I know my last child…my beautiful daughter is not mine…but I will never question my wife.

There were rumors of my wife being very friendly with an Uncle who supported my family financially sometimes. When the rumor got to me, my wife said it was the man’s wife who did not like her husband helping her…thinking about that…I know how many times my family went without food…who am I to blame her for accepting financial help at the time.

I will also never do any DNA test…gradually things are changing for us. My family is back with me. I have raised my daughter as mine…I am her father…let my wife keep her secrets…she must have had no choice the same way I had no choice when I fathered two children with my ex boss.

We do not know what tomorrow will hold but my advise is…do not kill yourself because of DNA….if God brings a child to you…whether you suspect you are not their true parent or not….truth is…life happens….sometimes…we cannot control such things…

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You can see that things were rough for us…I am not saying what we did was right when life presses you…sometimes…you make wrong choices…but the children had nothing to do with this…let us raise the children of our indiscretion and forget the past…I do not succumb to DNA testing…God gives children…raise your children…whether you suspect they are yours or not…

So to the poster…for your peace of mind….raise that child as yours…the child you want to adopt….may never know their real parents…they will know only you…they may or may not find out who their real parents are but God choose you as their parent….so forget the past and keep your marriage..

If you go digging too far…you will only hurt yourself and your husband…just like I will never ask my wife about our daughter….I just know she is not mine biologically but God sent her to me…

Some of you may not agree with me but let me ask you….what will I gain from doing any DNA test on my beautiful daughter? Or what will the family of my former boss gain if they do DNA on those children that God blessed them with through me?

God bless you and your home .


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Why I Do Not Support DNA Paternity Testing -Pls Share

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