We Are Caught In-between A Dangerous Office Romance

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We Are Caught In-between A Dangerous Office Romance

Carol is a first class law graduate that we employed in my father’s real estate company  two years ago. She was stunning , hot and intelligent. The legal department hired her and she was really a sight to behold, she is really beautiful with brains cos she was easily noticed by her contributions to the company in a short time.

At the company’s annual end of year party, I got close to her. I invited her for a couple of drinks after the party and she and I hooked up later that night. It was a one night thing cos obviously both of us were under alcoholic influence.

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I told her I was engaged and she said she too was engaged. I stayed away from her after that cos I was seriously thinking about her after that time. I am in charge of Finance and Strategy for our company and I don’t want anything to cause a scandal for our company.

Since then, I have been travelling alot and that helped me to stop thinking about Carol. My dad’s long time secretary of over 25 years had to retire and she recommended Carol as her replacement as the Chairman’s secretary. My dad is a great man and I do not get into his social affairs but when Carol became his secretary, I was worried cos Carol is a very hot and s*xy young woman.

I tried to intervene and get my dad another replacement but my dad insisted on Carol. Now, Carol is making things hard for me cos I have to see her anytime I want to see my dad in his office. Seeing her was a turmoil for me but I always managed to keep myself under control.

One day, on a Saturday morning, my dad and I were going to meet with some business clients in the office and we scheduled the meeting for around 10am. I decided to get to work early enough to prepare ahead for the meeting when I noticed my dad was already in the office.

I honestly had no idea that he was not alone cos its a Saturday impromptu meeting. I walked straight into my dad’s office and walked on him and Carol having s*x. I was so stunned that I just said: shit and rushed back outside. I could not conduct myself properly. My dad called me in like 10 mins later and apologized that I had to see that.

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My dad is not a saint. He and my mother divorced 15 years ago and he has a second wife and maybe some girlfriends here and there but I never walked in on him f*cking anyone let alone one that I have also f*cked. After the meeting, I called Carol and told her to have some shame and stop sleeping with my dad cos its obvious she wants either me or my dad…shes probably a gold digger.

Carol said I should mind my business if I don’t want trouble. Like…who is this trash that thinks she can threaten me in my company? I had to warn my dad that he should be careful of Carol cos she tried to flirt with me before. My dad, like a man already smitten said Carol already told him that I have been trying to toast her and that I should forget her and focus on my upcoming wedding since I am not a single man.

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I told my dad that Carol is not single, that she has a finance but my dad said they are broken up cos he and Carol are getting serious. My dad and women, especially beautiful and intelligent women.

My fear is, Carol might wind her way into my father and end up being a third wife. I will definitely do not like that and I want to stop that by any means possible. I have strong attraction for her and I think Carol knows. I thought of telling my father that Carol and I had s*x.

Maybe my dad may change his mind then but what if Carol is using something spiritual on my dad and this backfires on me? I mean this girl broke up with her fiancé just to be with my old man of 69 years old?

I do not want to loose favor in my dad’s eyes as his first son over a woman. I have worked too hard to be here but right now, the old man is completely smitten by this Carol girl and is behaving like a child eating lollipop with her. No one can tell my dad about how he lives his life…the man is very stubborn …no one at all.

So I decided  to my dad’s wife whom I do not really get along with  but what I wanted to form an alliance with her to get rid of Carol. My dad’s wife agreed to work with me but she said the only way to do that is to sleep with Carol so we can get her on tape to show my dad. The problem is, I am getting married next month. How do I cheat on my wife- to-be because I want to get rid of my father’s lover?

I know that is the only way but what if this gets out of hand. I have dealt with alot of challenges in my life coming from this family but never have I been caught up with a woman like this before.

I mean, I have slept with Carol once…how do I explain a second time? Carol is attractive. She knows I have a weakness for her like my dad…that is why I need her out of me and my dad’s life. I have never been in this kind of situation before. I have tried to ignore her and my dad but everyday, I am filled with rage and jealousy about this matter. I love my dad and I cannot allow this woman who we both are attracted to to come in-between us.

Please advice.


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