Why Are Apple Inc Strategies for 2020 Always Outstanding?

Apple Inc is a multinational corporation and the world’s most recognized brand in the electronics industry. Apple Inc products have innovative and various features for every range of its products. They create their product differently from their competitor at a premium price.

Apple Inc also sells a variety of related products and services include iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple Care, iPhone OS (iOS), OS X, and watchOS operating systems, iCloud, Apple Pay, accessories, and more.

Next, Apple Inc is known for its great specialty in the electronic industry; it has made a benchmark and revolutionized the world of PC since its development. Apple is the largest IT corporations in the global by revenue and total assets, and the 2nd largest mobile device manufacturer.

Product characteristics of Apple products are outstanding to hold & touch, and make you look good in social class. Having excellent performance, better graphics with screens than its competitors in most cases.

Apple Inc has an unfortunate propensity of forcing buyers to purchase their new products. The older iOS systems still run, but some of the old Apple products cannot be upgraded to the latest release iOS, or it may make your device slow down.

If you are interested in using the lasted releases of their operating system, you need to purchase a new product. Product Classification of Apple Inc product is made of durable materials, supported by continuous OS updates, and supported by a network of more than 5,000 Apple-certified repair locations.

The role and importance of Apple Inc’s product to customers in a selected segment is the behavioral type of segmentation, for Apple, always targets hardcore loyal customers who are very intrigued by their products and ambitious personality.

For psychographic, Apple targets middle and upper classes customers that are willing to purchase their products online in the United States and from the various part of the world.

Apple created Apple Pay that allowed target customers to pay money through iPhone or Apple Watch, which is faster, safer, and reduced risk of losing debit and credit card.

Apple’s target customer is mostly high-income individuals and is willing to purchase online at its official website instead of at a physical store. Apple is a top quality product compared to other products in the market.

The perceived risk for the customer will increase because Apple products are expensive, and people who are interested in the products will find more information on their website. Apple listed all the products information and created a section for comparison on their website to reduce customer perceived risk.

The expected level of experience and knowledge of Apple products by the customer is intuitive and easy to use; it means the product is easy to use and also supports their business. Apple products interface allows employees to collaborate and adapt to new procedures more quickly. Customer is able to get more knowledge, and user guidance on online website compares to a physical store.

The Nature of Competition for Apple in the United States, Apple’s strategy in digital marketing is by engaging with its customers in various online platforms, including their own Apple website. When new products are released, Apple will showcase a mystery teaser on the front page of Apple’s own website. The site has been designed in a simple word and user-friendly way.

Every product was well organized to fit in its own themes, which lay out the features of the particular products or services on the Apple website. Apple somehow fulfills its customer Needs through digital marketing in the US by creating a customer experience that is far beyond the actual purchase in the retail store.

When any fans purchase Apple’s new product, they will always share the feature and their thoughts on the products to the virtual communities on YouTube. Also known as “Unboxing” videos, on this platform, individuals from different countries can pursue mutual interests in the Apple products, which helps Apple to gain new customers and maintain their existing customers.

Apple’s iTunes software has transformed the way people consume media; Apple’s customer service is focused on data from iTunes and other sources. The data are used to upgrade the software and lock in customer loyalty. It gives customers trust, confidence, and shared beliefs that inspire people to make a purchase from Apple.

The PESTEL analysis of Apple Inc. will identify the external factors which include the political, economic, society, technology, environmental, and legal factors.

Firstly, the political factor. Apple US also operated under the Federal Trade Commission Act that prohibits untruth advertising, which is advertising can’t be misleading consumers. It dispels worries of the consumer about online purchases and causes sales of apple to increase.

For the economic factor. The income level of the population will affect the online business of apple company which means low-income people did not buy Apple goods much.

About the social factor. The increase in population growth rate has helped apple in digital marketing due to increased iPhone users are able to download popular social media apps online. Besides that, the technology factor. Apple has launched its financial services Apple Pay due to the trend of mobile payment and digital wallet.

For the environmental factor. Apple believes that the internet makes paper outdated. For example, online billing replaces traditional paper billing if purchasing from an online store, which attracted a lot of environmentally aware customer population to purchases apple products from an online store instead of a retail store.

Last the legal factor. The Federal Trade Commission operated by the US government. Under the law, claims in items that purchased online must be truthful so that the consumer will trust and feel the confidence in apple’s digital marketing.

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