Unilag Msc In public Health 2020- What You Need to know

Have you been contemplating backing a masters degree in public health at the University of Lagos? Are you worried and don’t know how to add a masters degree to the arsenal of your credentials? Well, this news is for you to help you brighten the next phase of life.

Not only will you be taught by some of the smartest minds in the discipline of public health(think of prof Oshinbogun) you will also be an alumnus of the Nations first choice university the number one university in Nigeria – UniLag.

But you need to jump on the wagon first to understand what am saying right?

That’s why am here to share this with you after I have successfully passed through the program and benefited myself, I will tell here and now what 99% of the applicants never have ideas off before the program.

You will know stuff like what you need to know before applying for the program. How to get ready for the entrance examination and how to succeed pretty much and make the best out of the study.

How to avoid the pit holes that others fall into while undertaking the program and how to recover should you fall into the ditch, especially in the first semester and so on. So, I will be sharing my own experience with you.

Back in 2013, that was when I first applied for MSc in public health, and you know how it was? I was bored just after my NYSC, and the next line of action for me was to go for a masters degree. So, like every other bored graduate out there, got the form, submitted and bought a dozen past questions, then I forgot it until the day of examination was made public.

I studied a bit and went in for the exam and guess what? I failed like I was a dummy and never saw the walls of the high institutions. The question is, why did I fail when others scaled through? You see, there are well over 95 million people like me who took the same examination.

That’s an exaggeration for sure but imagine the competition in a course that could only admit way less than 500 applicants for both the part-time and the full time put together in public health.

It is evident that they can’t possibly admit us all; secondly, the exams in public health course, which is a subject I know practically nothing. I cannot remember even doing any related discipline in my undergraduate days in school.

Apart from that, there was no time to think through the questions during the examination. So, imagine answering 60 strange questions in less than 55 minutes. The exam was so difficult for me at all. Honestly, I felt terrible knowing I wasted N20000 to apply. Though I never gave up and tried again after three years.

If you don’t know the ropes of how things are done, then there is a likelihood that you will keep hitting and missing and wondering why nothing is happening. In 2015 I gave another try, but this time, I was more equipped and wiser to face the challenge.

I repurchased past questions, got the right materials and resources. I joined a group of like-minded folks and started preparing for what lies ahead even before the examination date was made public. Those resources I got gave me the general or big picture of everything I should expect in the examination.

One unusual thing that helped me was the herd effect- studying with folks who had the same end goals with me. Yes, it wasn’t comfortable doing all of those things, but discipline and hard work were great tools for me. Guess what? I passed this time! I made it and scaled through with confidence!

Since then, I have helped others apply similar strategies to win their fears of masters application and examination in public health course and this year, and I am doing the same.

So before I tell the secret of what I did, I will share with you the advantages of having your MSc in public health. You are better prepared for any job interview and promotions. You are prepared to take the lead and stand-out knowing that you can compete with your counterparts anywhere in the country.

Having a masters degree will enlighten you the more and not only add to your education credentials but make you smarter in the field of public health.

If you want to succeed, there is no secret in the books, you only need to get the right resources and materials like the PQ and A and discipline to study and do the hard work, and I am sure you will succeed if you try.

If you need any help and additional information on public health, you can get in touch with Google.

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