What is The Most Effective Way for Good Grades?

Eddie Gordon said You could do the easy things in life and life is still going to be hard I can assure you of it but if you go out there and do those hard things which no one desire to do or consider impossible, you will end up been the shining star among your peer.

I am talking about studying when your friends are partying and catching fun, preparing for an exam one month early when your friends are leaving it for the night before the exam.

If you go about life doing the hard things in time or early enough, those things that no one wants to get involved in, then life will be easy for you. It is a difficult choice that you have to make in life, and you have to decide on it in time.

You have to step up and take that path, take that road, that lonely dark-cold road, the way that so many people do not want to take and will want to wish it away by daydream, that is when you are going to find yourself indeed,

If you do not mind me asking, why is it that you don’t want to grow?

Why is it that you settle for the grades that you’re getting?

Is there any reason why you shy away from challenging yourself and living life like you’ve got another hundred lifetimes to live?

Is it because doing well at school or the university is that hard? I know it is hard getting good grades, but we are in charge of the life we live, and when you’re in charge of it, the solution is directly in your hands.

IF you say it’s hard then do it hard, I mean to do it very hard if it can be done. Don’t allow the phrase “Hard” to stop you, and there is no easy way in this life.

The best way to turn your grades around is your Attitude about it. The day you decide that you are not working at your full potential and your grades do not represent what you can achieve, that moment will be the turning point in your life.

Charles Wendel said, and I quote, “The longer I live, the more I see the impact Attitude has on our everyday life,” Attitude to me is more important. The facts are, it’s more important than my past life, more than education, more than money, more than circumstances and failures, more than successes, more than what other people think, says or do.

It’s more important than intellectual giftedness or skill, and we have a choice to determine the Attitude we need to change our life every day. You can’t change what grades you got in the past; you can’t change the exams that you failed, you cannot even change what you did yesterday, but you can change how you will attack and tackle tomorrow and your future.

Those times that you think you are reluctant to do something when you feel like procrastinate when you assume that you will do it tomorrow,

That is when you have to go for it, and when things get hard, don’t ever ask why me, please dig deep down inside you and say try me because I’m stronger than anything.

You can throw anything at me, and I will still get up and move on because I’ve been on that dark path many times, and I survived because of Attitude. I’ve been alone and downcasted, but I rose up and above all,

If you fail, it is because you’re reaching for something worth falling for, and the failure does mean it is all over. When you fail, fall on your back, and look up and if you can look up, that means you can get up, and if you learn for it, then it’s not a failure.

You don’t lose in life if you learn to grab life by the horns and go for what you desire, stop waiting, stop looking for other people’s approval, take a chance, take a risk, and there’s nothing worse than regretting and thinking what could have been if you took the risk.

How bad do you want to succeed in life, are you talking about it or are you pushing for it. Greatness is not a joyful ride, Greatness is full of adversity, obstacles, and a lot of mountains to climb, and it is not an easy task; that why a lot of people settle for less in their life without living the full potential.

I will ask again how bad do you really want to succeed? And how dedicated are you to achieving excellent Grades?

When you wake up in the morning don’t check your emails, don’t look at your phone or chats, don’t think about yesterday’s problem and yesterday’s struggles.

Kindly focus and decide to stop making excuses for yesterday’s success and failures and get the job/work done.

There is nobody in this world that’s going to get you what you want and the way you want it. It is your responsibility to go out there and get what you want by studying hard and working hard to achieve it. Being talented is not good enough.

Always remember if life knocks you down, it is your responsibility to get back on your feet and keep moving; it’s doesn’t matter how many times you failed. What is important is that you learn from your failure, make the right decision, get up on your feet, and keep moving on. Life continues.

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