Secrets of Celebrity Stylists – Fashion Design Tips to Make You Look and Feel Like a Star

Hollywood stars might look beautiful on television or in the pages of magazines, but most would be quite ordinary without their personal stylists. Celebrity stylists create a look and image for their clients, playing the part of fashion design expert, personal shopper, and even confidante. While you may not be facing the paparazzi on a daily basis, you can still look like a million bucks, thanks to these tips from top celebrity stylists.

Go for the “wow” factor. Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe believes in the “wow’ moment, when your outfit causes gasps from the room because you look so fabulous. This can be achieved with a striking fashion piece, like a pair of patent leather thigh high boots. If you don’t think you can pull that look off, try incorporating luxurious materials like faux fur, or adding some glitz and glamour to your wardrobe, like a handbag emblazoned with sequins.

Build around the basics. Stylist Nicole Chavez, who works with Scarlett Johansson and Rachel Bilson, recommends building an outfit around a classic piece, like a great pair of jeans or a blazer, and then go from there. While your key pieces can be simpler, the accessories can be trendier.

Accentuate the positive. Showing off your assets is a good thing, but Jennifer Rade, stylist to Angelina Jolie and Pink, recommends playing up only one of your physical assets at a time. For example, if you plan on highlighting your cleavage, don’t show as much leg.

Find the right undergarments. Make sure your bra fits you properly, because if it doesn’t fit, neither will your dress. Stylist Britt Bardo, who’s worked with Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson, says that’s the biggest mistake women make when shopping or getting dressed. She also suggests taking photos of yourself in different outfits, so you can compare and see what looks best on you.

Know the tricks of the trade. Runway models and fashion school grads have an arsenal of secret weapons at their disposal, and the top stylists also use them for their clients. These tricks include fashion tape, which is double-stick tape that keeps plunging necklines from exposing too much; deodorant removers that get rid of unsightly white stains from little black dresses; and even control-top armbands, which prevent arm jiggle when waving to the fans.

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