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Being overweight is hard. It’s hard to be overweight in a society that is glorifying thin frames. It’s hard to feel self-conscious about your body when most clothes don’t fit your hips.

If you are overweight, there is a stigma that comes with it that can make it hard to find the right partner. It’s even hard to love yourself when your own subconscious doubts you.

It’s just hard. But it’s also possible. Here are some tips on how to be overweight and not lose your self-esteem (we aren’t talking about anorexia or other eating disorders).

1. Admit That You Have a Problem

Many of us have been there: the struggle, the frustration, the self-doubt and the longing about changing a situation that seemed to have come to stay. In your case, you’re overweight, and you’re looking for acceptance in all the wrong places.

You just feel you can’t admit to this, because your self-esteem is so low that you’re afraid to expose yourself to criticism. You’re not afraid of what others think, you’re afraid of what you think of yourself. You don’t want to admit that you have a problem, because if you admit that to yourself, then it means you’ve failed. The question is, does it really matter?

What if you try to trim down for the next few years and it just wouldn’t work? I bet you don’t want to leave being happy till then.

By admitting that you have the problem, you lessen the weight of the unhealthy feeling that comes with it. Yes, it’s totally fine to have a problem. Everyone does, and yours is the fact that you have more weight “than people see as normal”.

2. Dress Up to Look Your Best

When you are overweight, many people can make you feel like you are less attractive, or that you need to change in order to be happy. Many people also believe that being overweight means giving up on style.  This is not in any way true.

If you have some extra weight on you, it is not an excuse not to be dressed up. When you feel better, you will feel happier and you will be more ready to take on other challenges in life. So, I’ll boldly say dressing up to look your best is one of the ways to feel happy when you are overweight.

There are many different ways to dress up and look your best when you are overweight. Learning about fashion and style is a great place to start. See you in your best look!

3. Work on Your Self-esteem

As a society we are constantly bombarded with judgments about our physical appearance, so it’s no surprise that self-esteem issues are prevalent in today’s society.

According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders  (ANAD), approximately 30 million Americans struggle with eating disorders (and this number doesn’t include all of the people who suffer from low self-esteem with no eating disorder diagnosis).

Many of these individuals struggle to cope with their body image, and if you’re in this category, it’s likely that you have been told that loving yourself is the best way to feel positive about your body and how you look.

If you are overweight, you may have already sought the advice of a friend, a doctor, or the internet on how to cultivate a better body image. The most loving and thoughtful of them would advise on investing more in your self-worth, no matter how horrible the situation you’ve found yourself in is.

One strange thing about low self-esteem is you are the one constantly doing the mental permutations and combinations for people around you, matching the number of those you feel are okay with how you look against those who don’t.

If you’re overweight, it’s likely that you assume you are unattractive and undesirable. In fact, you are likely to assume a majority of people never want to be with you — but the truth is, many people would. Despite what you may think, there are many people who’d actually be thrilled to have you in their lives! You need to learn to love yourself more, and to be happy with yourself as you are, before you can expect anyone else to truly accept you.

Change your judgement about what people think of you and watch your self-esteem soar. Your time starts now!

4. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Remember, we all have our challenges and one way to keep our heads up high is to associate with people who are capable of walking with us in the hope of making us feel better.

Building quality relationships and having positive people in your cycle of friends is a great way to lighten the burden of being overweight.

When you are overweight, it’s difficult to have any self-worth.  Negative people will make you feel even worse. Being surrounded by people who are constantly reminding you how fat you are is not going to help your self-worth. Instead, surround yourself with positive people when you are overweight and they’ll help your self-worth.

Positive people are uplifting.  They will support you through your tough times. And when you surround yourself with positive people, you will become one of them.

When next you show me your friends, I will tell you how low or high your self-worth is!


Overweight people are not only prone to discrimination, but they are also more likely to have lower income and less opportunities in life.  This is because most people’s stereotypes of a fat person is that they are lazy and lack self-control. It is a sad reality and the extent to which this affects you depends on how you let people’s opinion and perception decide the quality of your life.

When you are overweight, the first thing you must do is accept the reality of your situation and take responsibility for it. This is not easy to do, and it may be tempting to blame others for your lot in life.

But this is your life, and you need to own it. Once you do this, you must be positive about your situation. Accept your body for what it is. Your body is not ugly, but it is not beautiful, either. It is just your body. This is a hard reality to face, but if you don’t accept it, you will always feel like you are not good enough.

Accept the responsibility to be positive about it and surround yourself with quality people to keep your self-esteem high. Remember to love yourself lavishly, all the way.

Thank you for reading. I love you and I do encourage you to be positive about whatever challenges life throws at you!

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