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Concert promotion is a very tedious job that requires careful organization planning with detailed action points to implement timely per scheduled time interval. Once the concert date has been booked, the artist next concern is getting people to come for the show.

And it’s best to start the job of promoting a show as soon as it is booked, results won’t happen if steps are put off until the last minute. Depending on the level of the artist, a concert promoter might be hired to take care of promoting and marketing the show but many smaller artists may take on the challenge of promoting his show as part of cost-saving measures.

Regardless of the artist’s popularity level in the entertainment industry, a targeted plan and budget are essential to successfully promoting a show or a concert for the artists.

One of the best places to start with promotion is their website and social media accounts, the people who are already fans are the ones most likely to purchase tickets and attend the show so it’s important to reach out to them early. If an artist has an established mailing list they can send out an email with details about the show including how, where, and when fans can purchase tickets depending on the location of the concert and where the fans are coming from.

Email blasts can be used periodically to inform and remind fans about the upcoming show and the sender must avoid spamming fans, it will be wise to space out these email messages and limit them to once a week or a tentative email schedule could be one month, two weeks, one week, and a day before the show.

Another way for artists to inform their fans about an upcoming show is through their social media accounts, social media is an increasingly important way that artists today are using to interact with their fans and it cannot be overlooked.

Artists can create an event and invite fans or film a quick video expressing their excitement for the show and inviting fans to attend. Do a ticket giveaway that encourages fans to like and share their page, this kind of act gets fans involved and expands the artists reach to the friends and followers of their fans who might not have heard of the artist.

Otherwise do not make the mistake of last-minute notice, many artists post their concert an hour or two before their show which does not give maximum result, assuming a person or fan has to make plans get a babysitter or drive a long distance to get to the show, He or she need time to plan and put things together.

The artist should know that it will take planning and time management for the fans to make it to the show. So the artist should make sure that fans can plan to attend and use the opportunity to expand their fan base.

And selling out each show must be a goal of all artists, so it’s important to reach out to potential new fans as well artists should put together a press release about the show and send it to area newspaper magazine and media website contacts whose demographics fit with the target audience of the artist.

When promoting a new album or single the artist could provide local journalists with a promo packet and ask them to write a review story or interview with the artist local radio stations. The fifty artists genre are another important contact interviews, promo spots and ticket giveaways are a few ways artists can partner with local radio stations to promote a show even posters can still be an effective tool to get the word out about an upcoming performance.

An important aspect to remember is to make the most of any promotion budget by targeting the promotion efforts to the right demographic. A heavy metal band would not likely see a return on a poster put up at a local Senior Center.

Concert promotion is not an exact science and what works for some artists may not work for others, an artist needs to found out what works for them and adjust their promotion plan accordingly with proper planning and execution. And believe me, artists can enjoy the fruit of their efforts with a roomful of fans on the concert day.

Please don’t forget the personal branding of the artist plays a major role in motivating the fans and contribute directly to the success of the concert while helping the artist to build a successful and profitable career.

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