Christatan Aracatan Troyan – Their Suffering Under The Rule Of The "Daesh"

Upon arrival, the organization of the Islamic state to their areas two years ago, Iraqi Christians have been threatened and forced to convert to Islam, and to some insult to the cross, and abandoned and confiscated their property, but a few of them needed homes and remained under the rule of the organization of the Islamic state.

When elements of the organization swept through the province of Nineveh in August / August 2014, the good Christians to convert to Islam or pay jizya, departure or death. Was the majority choice to leave, and 120 thousand of them fled to escape.

With the restoration of Iraqi forces to control the many Christian areas in the vicinity of the city of Mosul, it tells the survivors who remained in those areas horrific stories about the options they were forced to take.

Ismail was Matti now in its fourteenth while organizing fighters of the Islamic State entered the town of Bartella, his hometown east of Mosul.

Most of his relatives left the town, and wait for Ismail to return for him and for his ailing mother Gandar Nasi. But no one has come.

Taxis tried to flee, but the organization of the Islamic state elements Orgmahma twice the return of inclusion, and ended up in prison with them.

He says when “there was a Shiite crammed in a cell to the neighbourhood, pulled one of them shot in the head and hung his body in front of us.”

He adds the boy, who is in a shelter run by the Church in Erbil “They told my mom that they would do me the same thing if we refuse to change our religion. Vaatnguena Islam.”

Matthew and his mother returned to Bartila, and from there sent to the village Hrekhan on the western parties of the connector.

And when to say “All the neighbors were Doaash. They came to check if you are engulfed law. If they discovered that I did not go to the mosque to pray, sometimes you touch the skin.”

Matthew suffered the same thing in a temporary second home in the town of angles eastern Mosul.

Sometimes, it was the boy who gets food from residents are friendly, but his mother never leave home.

And feel free Gandar suffering from chronic migraines, to talk about their story, while sitting quietly on a bed in a shelter Erbil.

But her gaze suddenly strange turn, and smiling with love for her son, who was cutting the long journey under terrible for the organization of the Islamic state of governance.

She says, “This boy is the most beautiful gift ever. He and Mary and God Save us from death. We will always be together.”

Zarifa Backus Dadu and stayed with the patient’s husband of 90 years old in the croutons, which was the largest Christian town in Iraq before the organization of the Islamic state intervention mechanisms. Says Dadu (77 years),

Speaking for her husband, who died shortly after the entry of the organization of the Islamic State “was Wednesday when his condition worsened, she took him to hospital. He died on Thursday.”

– Mhasrtan without food

Dadu has lived through more than two years of the occupation of the organization of the Islamic State of croutons in a house with her friend elderly Badria.

She says, “During all that time stayed with Badria, have not seen anyone from Nasna, all those people,” in reference to the jihadists.

She adds, “we were attending our food sometimes, and leave it at the door.”

He explains that “older men (of the elements of the organization) were telling us not to worry, but the younger ones were annoying.”

Dadu was imprisoned and her friend for a brief period in Mosul with divorced women and widows, but they eventually returned to their home in the croutons.

Troy Dado “One day, someone came asking for money and gold. He hit me with his rifle between my ribs and said: You have to give us.”

Zarifa gave him $ 300 the amount remaining with, while Badria gave him some of the gold by a live 15-carat.

And relay that another young man came in first again, and said that “we have to change our religion. I told him that our beliefs and their beliefs.”

She adds, “He asked me to spit on the image of the Virgin Mary and the Cross. But he refused to forced me. I used to say all the time, God is in my heart I did not mean anything by it.”

She says, “I knew that God heard me, because it (the organization Daesh element) tried to burn the image and Aath but did not work.”

When the Iraqi troops entered croutons end of last month, Dadu remained stuck at home with Badria without food.

Them security forces found days later. Dado says “all the time, I prayed for my people, for the town, and also to elements of al-Daesh those that God enlighten their hearts.”

She says the widow of illiteracy, which was the first Syriac language, if her delight BLM reunited with her relatives again On the suffering.

Zarifa concludes by saying “my Arabic improved by the presence around them (members of the organization), we’ve got something of them, thank God.”

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Source by Cyprian Ogba

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