5 Weekender discoveries – Businessday NG

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This section aims to help you discover 5 key things a week. Curated by Lehlé Balde

This section aims to help you discover 5 key things a week. Curated by Lehlé Balde

Plenty Waka 

5 Weekender discoveries - Businessday NG

9,000,000 people in Lagos shouldn’t have to hustle for buses on the daily and here is an app that is promising to change that.

Plentywaka is changing the way people get around. The app allows commuters to book and pay for fast and convenient trips in real-time. Plentywaka identifies busy routes in Nigerian cities in partnership with state governments and transport stakeholders. By partnering with vehicle owners and fleet managers to provide to register their vehicles on our platform for free. Partners on Plentywaka then earn an above-market ROI while we provide everyday commuters with a convenient and effective commuting experience with our app. Think of it like ride/bus sharing app aimed at professionals. Talk about convenience and effective driving experience and cutting-edge technology.  Also, a cool way to make extra money if ride-sharing tickles your fancy. Download the app on the play or IOS Store. 

Bukola Dakolo Photography 

“The world without photography will be meaningless to us if there is no light and color, which opens up our minds and expresses passion.” Bukola Dakola. 

The multitalented entrepreneur, advocate and photographer has a prestigious degree from the New York Film Academy NYFA, Bukola is the proud owner of Bukola Dakolo Photography.  Her style is a combination between photojournalism and fine-art photography with a touch of fashion and creative lighting. Her photos are inspired by light, color, techniques from black & white processing, vintage photos, creative perspective, and of course, most importantly, the personalities of the people she photographs.  To book a session visit https://busoladakoloimages.com/contact-us/.

5 Weekender discoveries - Businessday NG
Busola Dakolo Photograph

Lifestores Pharmacy 

5 Weekender discoveries - Businessday NG

Health and well-being have always been important but I think the pandemic has highlighted our need to stay healthy and fit. I have probably visited the pharmacy more than usual to stock up on masks, vitamins, etc.  Lifestores is building a world with equal access to essential primary healthcare regardless of who you are, what you earn, or where you live. Community pharmacies are often the first port of call for healthcare in emerging markets, but face myriad challenges including procurement inefficiencies, outdated systems, and inconsistent service levels. Lifestores is tackling these challenges head-on, leveraging its proprietary pharmacy management software and experience managing pharmacies in Nigeria to deliver a range of tailored services and programs for community pharmacies. They have locations across Lagos. Visit http://lifestorespharmacy.com/.

Garlick Lagos Food truck and delivery 

5 Weekender discoveries - Businessday NG

Garlick is a fabulous food truck I came across while on a night out and while I was unable to taste the food that particular night, I had in mind to check it out at some point in the future. Thankfully the future came quickly as during the lockdown I was able to order a delicious beef burger with fries and chicken wings. Can you spell D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S? Sandra Obrutse, is the owner of Garlick Lagos a mobile food truck located in Lagos Nigeria. Her love for burgers and hosting BBQ events inspired me to venture in the food truck business. She took a course in Italy learning how to make Italian ice cream (gelato) and some recipe classes to finesse her grilling skills. Garlick Lagos is a unique style food truck established in the heart of Lagos, this establishment brings a blend of street food (burgers, sandwiches, prawns, chicken wings, etc.)  Infused with freshly made artisan gelato milkshakes to the streets of Lagos. Garlick started operations in December 2019 and is currently taking orders for delivery. Make sure you order, you won’t regret it. Call them on +234 8052271937 or follow them on Instagram They are open Tuesday through Sunday

Look Art Me Beauty 

5 Weekender discoveries - Businessday NG

Women, young and old have had to battle age-old assumptions of how they should look. This has unfortunately created a generation of women that have had to look to society and the mainstream media for notions of beauty. Fortunately, this narrative is being challenged. Women today are encouraged to defy toxic societal norms of beauty. Popular beauty and media entrepreneur, Chinonso Arubayi, happens to be at the forefront of this movement with her LOOKARTME Lipvolution collection. Chinonso expertly redefines the notion of beauty and recognizes the “beautiful light” within every woman and the power of make- up to advance that light; “Within all of us is a beautiful light, we hope to give expression to that inner light using our choice selection of product colours.

As a young girl, I was teased for having full lips but with LOOKARTME now I have evolved and I am confident to celebrate my features with makeup knowing that I am carefully and wonderfully made”.The brand looks beyond the superficial aspect of makeup and takes notes of the power it has on a woman’s psychological health. This aspect is very important to its founder. For more details visit http://lookartmenow.com/ and follow on Instagram https://instagram.com/lookartmebeauty and on Facebook https://facebook.com/lookartmebeauty.

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