Will There Be a Big War With Iran Soon?

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Just the other day Amendinejad, the public leader of Iran, made another announcement to the World Media which also played on Al Jazeera. He stated that Iran’s Nuclear Program was only for peaceful uses, energy generation, and that they country had “zero interest in making a nuclear bomb!” Of course, they’ve said this before, and they’ve continued to enrich uranium for that exact purpose.

There was an interesting AFP (Associated Foreign Press) story that hit my radar screen recently, no real news to me, but it also hit much of the mainstream media, and appeared on MSNBC as well as Google Syndicated News website. The title of the article was “Iran in ‘Alarming’ Breaches of UN Sanctions: Envoys” The article talked about the UN meeting on Syria, and the sanctions on Iran, and the many ties to the challenges that the free World faces with such rogue nations in that regard. The article stated:

“The UN highlighted three new cases of trading in arms and related technology reported since March, all after 4 rounds of UN sanctions. In recent months, Israel intercepted a shipload of Iranian arms being transferred through Syria to the Gaza Strip. Iran has also provided missiles to the Taliban militia in Afghanistan. Iran is also, using front companies, assumed names, using multiple financial intermediaries and currency exchange offices, physically hiding things, false statements, and forgery. ”

It is obvious, that there is no viable diplomatic solution to the challenges the free-world faces with regards to Iran, and it is unfortunate that in the year 2011 that Iran will not get with the program and run their nation and their external political affairs With more transparency, integrity, and in a way that is becoming of that once great ancient civilization.

It’s hard to say why Iran continually prods at the free-world or what they really hope to gain from such underhanded dealings. It seems they push and push as far as they can, never considering that in the Western World we only will take so much and these accumulative actions are being scored, and even if one act is not enough to warrant a war, combined, I ‘ d say it’s well overdue. Why you ask? Well for many reasons.

The least of all being that if Iran gets away with this sort of international behavior it emboldens other rogue nation-states to do the same, and sure enough the others have too. Indeed, I hope you will please consider the implications of rogue nations, political impasse, and the impending war with Iran.

Will There Be a Big War With Iran Soon?

Source by Lance Winslow

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