Why We Need To Elect People With Knowledge, Relevant Experience/ Expertise?: 5 Keys

We’ve all heard the statement, something, or someone, is not ready for prime – time. However, when it comes to electing individuals, hopefully, to best, serve and represent us, this is truly significant! All – too – often, our electorate has elected individuals, more – based, on personalities, celebrity, populist statements, and/ or, empty rhetoric/ promises, rather than, others, who may be more fit, for the position, but for some reason (or another), aren’t nearly as popular, etc! In 2016, voters selected Donald Trump, as the 45th President of the United States, apparently, based on his celebrity status (largely, because of his reality show), his slogan (Make America Great Again), empty promises (such as lower- taxes for the middle class, Drain the Swamp, and far better health care, at lower costs), and the degree, some, disliked his political opponent, Hilary Clinton, despite her obvious, more relevant qualifications, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 keys to consider, if we hope to have better, more qualified public/ elected officials.

1. A clear knowledge of how Government works/ functions: We have discovered, it is important, for the official, who holds the highest office in our land, to clearly understand, certain Constitutional guarantees, such as Separation of Church and State, Balance of Powers, the Bill of Rights, and the legislative process, etc. In addition, we need to elect politicians, ready, willing, and able, to transform themselves, to statesmen, realizing, how essential it is, once elected, to represent and serve, all the public, and not merely, one’s core supporters!

2. Understand Constitution: Our President is elected, and not a King! This was an essential consideration, made by our Founding Fathers, who no longer, wanted power, by an individual, rather than, of the people, and for the people! Donald Trump seems to have little appreciation for several of the basics and guarantees of our Constitution, seeming, often, to be far more concerned, with those rights, he agrees with, rather than all of them!

3. Balance of Powers: In order for our nation, to be somewhat, true to its principles, it is essential for the Balance of Powers, to be, in – place, and, this means, the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches, must be, co – equal branches of government! How many times have we witnessed, this President, articulate a message, and/ or, behavior, somewhat, to the contrary?

4. Separation of Church and State: Religion, and government, separately, may be, essential, wonderful entities, but, when they are merged, often, becomes oppressive, etc! Our nation’s founders felt strongly, religion, must be protected, as a right, but, must be separate, from governing! The recent rhetoric has endangered this principle!

5. Quality planning, preparation, and expertise of advisers: It is not, in the best interests, of this nation, when any public official, in a significant position of leadership, authority, and/ or, power, is, either, not ready, willing, or able, to effectively plan, and prepare, for potential ramifications, etc. Since, no individual, is an expert, in all relevant areas, we must insist on the highest quality advisers, with significant experience, and expertise, In the past three years, we have seen, apparently, something, quite – a – bit, different!

Wake up, America, and be more aware and responsible, as a voter, in the future! Every vote matters, if we are to be, as safe, protected, and well – protected, and served, as possible!

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Source by Richard Brody

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