Why This Isn’t NORMAL?

If you feel, or think, what’s going on, these days, seems strange, uncomfortable, and anything but NORMAL, you certainly, aren’t alone! Americans have always, considered themselves, unique, in the world, when it comes to our strong beliefs in certain Constitutional rights, such as our liberties, freedoms, and justice, for all! We have come, to expect, certain necessities, and behaviors, from our public officials, and, especially, from the President of the United States. Whether one supports President Donald Trump, or opposes him, either for political, personal, or beliefs – related, reasons, most would agree, he is, apparently, quite different, from those, who proceeded him. We’ve witnessed actions, rhetoric and behavior, towards our traditional allies, as well as a level of vitriol, and polarization, both, within, and on an international level, which has frightened, many of us, while delighting others.The level of adversarial discourse, appealing to Trump’s political base, and core supporters, at the cost of specific minorities, ethnicities, etc, has caused, a degree of uneasiness, like we have witnessed, in recent memory! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why, it should cause, us concern.

1. Nature; nuances; nerve; nervous; niceties: Don’t most people feel somewhat better, when others, are willing to use, certain niceties, trying to appeal to the greater good? When much of the nation, goes to bed, at night, and wakes in the morning, feeling nervous, and, ill – at – ease, it creates a nervous feeling! Trump’s refusal to respect nature, and the environment, while denying, Climate Change, many of the necessary nuances, we expect, are missing! Americans expect more from their leaders, and when, they don’t respect the nuances, and are uncomfortable, with how he affects their nerves, it isn’t normal!

2. Options; opportunities; organization: The finest, government service and representation, arises, when we consider, many viable alternatives, and options, in order to identify, and take care of the finest, applicable opportunities! The process, today, often, seems unprepared, and disorganized, when the nation, does much better, when we proceed, with the finest, possible, organization!

3. Relevance; reality; rationale; reasoning: Trump’s slogan, Make America Great Again, looks back, instead of looking for the most relevant approach/ actions, into the future! Fact – checkers proclaim, the present occupant of the White House, has lied, and made false/ misleading statements, at a dizzying – pace, and his statements, often seem, divorced, from reality! Many feel uncomfortable with his supposed rationale, and reasoning, and, it’s impossible to bring people together, for a meeting – of – the – minds, when so many don’t trust him, and/ or, his intentions!

4. Motives; motivations: Fairly, or not, Americans expect more from their leaders, than from others! Many question, President Trump’s motives, and motivations!

5. Attitude; attention; actions; aptitude; articulate: While we want leaders, to serve and represent all of us, in a positive way, today, many feel the nation suffers, from a backward – looking, negative attitude, and leadership, which is either unwilling, or unable to pay keen attention, to the best options! Many question, Trump’s skill – set, and aptitude, and, how he determines, his actions, and the message, he articulates!

6. Listen; learn; leadership: Who does this President, listen to, if anyone, other than his little voice? Does he learn, from experiences, and conversations? Wouldn’t we all, feel more comfortable, and, at – ease, if our leaders, demonstrated, well – considered, focused, meaningful leadership?

Wake up, America, because, this isn’t NORMAL! If we don’t, the future of the nation, may be, at – risk!

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Source by Richard Brody

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