When One Lies Often, He Doesn’t Earn The TRUST!

When, even, the President’s Senior Adviser, stated, her boss doesn’t lie, it’s simply, instead of what some consider, facts, he offers, alternative facts, doesn’t that seem, to be dangerous, to the well – being, of our nation, and its citizen? Political fact – checkers proclaim, President Donald Trump, has articulated lies, misleading and/ or false statements, etc, at an unprecedented rate, which has increased, in the past year, or so! The reality is, one of the greatest obstacles, to this President, and his potential ability, to bring us together, for the greater good, is his tendency, to misstate the facts, and articulate his opinions, etc, as real facts! While he often blam es, and complains, about his opponents, and/ or, anyone who disagrees, as Fake News, etc, in – fact, when one tends to tell lies, at such an alarming rate, why would he believe, he deserves our TRUST? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents, and why it’s important.

1. Timely; trends; truth: Only, well – considered, timely action, which recognizes relevant trends, and consistently, tells the truth, creates meaningful, essential leadership! Without deserving, and earning, the trust of, not only his core supporters, but all our citizens, the nation loses!

2. Relevant; realism; rational; rationale: We need, and deserve, well – considered actions, and a relevant approach, to meet, and exceed our citizens expectations! Denying reality, and proceeding, with the rationale, focused on rational decisions, for the greater good, and a true, meeting – of – the – minds, over the longer – term, is, neither motivating, or inspiring to most of the public!

3. Urgings; usual; unusual; uses; useful: When a true leader, needs to urge, his constituents to follow his advice, and work together, for the best interests of our nation, and people, but, he isn’t trusted, the task, generally, becomes a greater challenge! We need leaders, ready, willing, and able, to face the usual, and unusual obstacles, in a true, and useful way. Empty promises, and rhetoric, may work, for a politician, but not for the rest of us!

4. Service; solutions; sustainable; stronger: Public officials should provide quality service, by introducing quality solutions, in a sustainable manner, which, are most apt, to make us stronger, over the longer – term!

5. Time – tested; tendencies; trustworthy: Most of us, will only follow, someone, who they consider, trustworthy! They recognize his true, quality of character, and tendencies, and seek, someone, prepared, to use the lessons, from time – tested, approaches, and direct the nation, forward, in an honest, honorable manner!

Before voting, ask yourself, whether someone is probably, lying, and, if so, how can he, possibly, earn the necessary, level of TRUST? Will you commit to becoming a more – involved citizen?

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Source by Richard Brody

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