Voice of Overseas Contest (Voix des Outre-mer competition)

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Date : January 10th, 2022

Venue : Amphitheatre Opéra Bastille – Paris (France)

Aims to train our future ultramarine talents and to present them to the different actors of the culture. To promote and reward the voices of the French overseas territories through events, festivals, competitions.


List of 17th finalists of the competition – Voice of Overseas France (Les Voix des Outre-Mer) :

Guadeloupe : Marie-Angélique Marsolle / Maeva Lesi
Guyana : Pierre Olguens Mathieu
Haiti : Angelord Blaise
Martinique : Anny Davidas / Naïly Pignet / Sébastien Tonnel
Mayotte : Chaima Assani / Eddy Haribou
New Caledonia : Jennifer Pellagaud
French Polynesia: Lylia Aymain / Laetitia Jullian
Reunion Island : Jessica Morel / Ophélie Noël / Clara Bellon
Saint-Martin/Saint-Barthélémy : Pierre-Lou Richeux
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon : Noémie Collumeau


Concert program : Jacques Offenbach, Jules Barbier – The Tales of Hoffmann (except): 1. the Barcarolle (« Beautiful night, oh night of love »)

Clara Bellon, Soprano
Chaïma Assani, Soprano
Jessica Morel, Soprano
Eddy Haribou
Ophélie Noël, Soprano
Pierre-Olguens Mathieu, Baritone
Naïly Pignet, Soprano
Marie-Angélique Marsolle, Soprano
Angelord Blaise, Countertenor
Sébastien Tonnel, Baritone
Maeva Lesi, Mezzo-soprano
Pierre-Lou Richeux
Anny Davidas, Soprano
Noémie Collumeau, Soprano
Lylia Aymain
Jennifer Pellagaud, Soprano
Laetitia Jullian
Kazuko Iwashima, Piano


Voice of Overseas France on the 4th season ( Finales Voix des Outre-mer ) – Venue : Amphitheatre of the Opéra Bastille

The grand national final was held this Monday, January 10, 2022, with a live broadcast on the La 1ère website and on France Musique.

The fourth Voix des Outre-mer competition has chosen its winners after a final featuring 17 candidates at the Auditorium of the Opéra Bastille.

A large-scale final at the end of which Angelord Blaise, a young 24-year-old countertenor from Haiti, was named Voix des Outre-mer (Voice of Overseas France) and Eddy Haribou, a 17-year-old native of Mayotte, was named Jeune Talent (Young Talent).


Jury Members deliberation

All of the candidates dazzled our jury with their performances, each one more successful than the last.
At the end of an intense deliberation, they have nevertheless decided….

The winners of the fourth edition of the Voice of Overseas Countries Competition are:
Prix Voix des Outre-mer : Angelord Blaise
Young Talent Award: Eddy Haribou
Encouragement Voix des outre-mer : Marie Angelique Marsolle
Encouragement Jeune Talent : Maeva Lesi
Encouragement Self-taught  : Chaima Assani and Nelly Pignet


Angelord Blaise wins the Voix des Outre-mer 2022 award

Angelord Blaise wins the Voix des Outre-mer award.
This 24-year-old countertenor, a fan of Farinelli, relies on a warm timbre in his interpretation of « Che farò senza Euridice » from Gluck’s Orpheus and Eurydice, whose phrasing he can still polish.
His well supported voice, less projected in the pianos, allows us to augur, with hard work, beautiful achievements in the years to come.

Voice of Overseas Contest (Voix des Outre-mer competition)

Eddy Haribou, a 17-year-old native of Mayotte wins the Award of Jeune Talent (Young Talent)

Eddy Haribou, representing Mayotte, won the Young Talent Prize with his interpretation of « It ain’t necessarily so » from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess. In fact, his large voice with a charcoal tone shows great promise. However, he still needs to gain precision in his accuracy and phrasing, especially at the end of the sentence and in his swinging rhythm.


Maeva Lesi wins the Young Talent Encouragement Prize

The Guadeloupean Maeva Lesi wins the Young Talent Encouragement Prize for her « Voi que sapete » from Les Noces.

Maeva Lesi already leans her voice on her plexus to project with safety a gracious timbre. Her accuracy need to be more improve for the next competition.


Marie-Angélique Marsolle is the Winner from Guadeloupe (French Caribbean ) of the « Prix d’Encouragement Voix des Outre-mer »

Marie-Angélique Marsolle was on the other hand still unknown on our pages, even though her mature and well-situated voice offers a lively, round and celestial vibrato. Her reddened timbre with dark reflections illustrates the gravity of her words in the final aria of La Traviata. Only the embodiment will remain to be refined to reach a promising career.


The Autodidact Encouragement Prize is awarded to Chaima Assani representing Mayotte and to Naïly Pignet from Martinique.

Both are only 15 years old, but already have very beautiful timbres, silky for the first, soft and pure for the second. They handle a technique not yet lyrical, generating important defects of accuracy but which contribute to draw touching interpretations.


Anny Davidas from Martinique

Anny Davidas from Martinique, who takes on the great aria of La Wally in a mastered dramatic style.
Her voice, well emitted, lets us hear a fine vibrato which widens in great lyrical impulses.
All that remains is for her to develop her embodiment in order to better transmit the emotion.


Laetitia Jullian from Polynesia

Schubert’s Serenade in Tahitian. Her very projected voice reveals a sunny timbre with a fine and lively vibrato. Very expressive, she deploys her singing with accuracy, her face illuminated by a smile, her large gestures drawing the outline of a dance.


Clara Bellon from Reunion

whose career is already launched in France (and who was already a finalist of this competition in 2019), opens the evening with the « Je veux vivre » from Gounod’s Romeo and Juliet, with a calm voice and a controlled agility. Her waltzing phrasing does not prevent the blossoming of a strong voice with a silvery tone. Also launched in a beginning of professional career, the Caledonian Jennifer Pellagaud, in the aria of the jewels of Faust, exposes a thick and warm voice with a neat diction. If she simplifies some vocal effects, she shows an agility at the service of a well conducted story.


The Organizer – Fabrice di Falco created with the double bass player Julien Leleu

Professional sopranist, Fabrice di Falco created with the double bass player Julien Leleu, the association « Les Contres Courants » to support a contest that gives a chance to beautiful voices from the French overseas territories to be noticed at the national level.

Voice of Overseas Contest (Voix des Outre-mer competition)


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Voice of Overseas Contest (Voix des Outre-mer competition)


Voice of Overseas Contest (Voix des Outre-mer competition)
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Voice of Overseas Contest (Voix des Outre-mer competition)





Voice of Overseas Contest (Voix des Outre-mer competition)



Voice of Overseas Contest (Voix des Outre-mer competition)



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