Using the Convenient Oracle Eloqua Blind Form Submit Tool in Emails

What is an Eloqua blind form submit?

A blind form submit is a technique to collect implicit data from a contact’s click in an email, giving you the benefits of the form processing steps immediately. Blind form submit links are great for collecting responses, such as: registering for an event, subscribing to a newsletter, or configuring opt-in preferences. When a contact clicks the link, the form responses are automatically submitted to an Oracle Eloqua form, creating a seamless experience of automation for you and your contact. Gathering actions from clicks, without placing another form in front of your contact is a great tactic and can limit form fatigue.

How can a blind form be used in an email?

Here are some examples where using a blind form can be used:

Event Emails – within the email you can include a RSVP option with two buttons, “Yes” or “No”, to allow your contacts to indicate whether they plan to attend your event. Based on their response you can tailor the rest of the emails in your campaign. For example, if the recipient reply’s “No”, you can send this contact event highlights afterwards.

Interests – with a blind form, you can gather your contacts interests without using a long, drawn-out form. Easily send an email that includes options that will allow the recipient to segment themselves! The options can include whether they have an interest in Events, Newsletters, Product Information, or anything else that may be relevant to your audience.

Product Information – rather than directing a contact to a lengthy gated form in order to download an asset like a pdf, eBook, or on-demand webinar, you can use blind form submit links and configure your form processing steps to deliver the asset upon a single click! And what’s just as exciting is you can offer multiple asset downloads within your email without the contact having to fill out a single form!

*Tip – each blind form link tracks a single value for each field. If you want to collect multiple responses, you’ll create a link for each offer in your email. Example: for an event rsvp response, you would create a link that is equal to “Yes” and a link that is equal to “No”.

What can you do with the data you collect from your blind form submits?

Here are a few examples of how you can configure your processing steps and store the data that you’ve collected:

  • Update contact data and/or fill in the gaps
  • Add the contact to a current nurture campaign
  • Add the contact to a shared list for use in future campaigns or to remove from campaigns that may not be appropriate for their preferences
  • Send a notification to Sales
  • Store data in a CDO

What does an Eloqua blind form submit link look like?

An Eloqua blind form submit link is literally just a url that you create and add to the CTA in your email the same way you would any other url. The beauty of the blind form is that you’re skipping the landing page – one less asset for you to create – one less action for your contacts to take!

To get started, you’ll create your form in Eloqua. Please visit our blog, “Tool Tip: Oracle Eloqua Blind Form Creation”. Here you’ll find everything you need to set up your form and create your links.

You’re on your way to creating and using blind form submits in your emails. I hope you’ve found this helpful, and you’ll have fun using blind forms. If you have any questions, or need additional help setting up your blind forms, let us know. We’re always here to help.

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