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In Nigeria, and for that matter the rest of the world, the most popular sport is undoubtedly football. The game’s appeal is so strong that most fans who don’t partake in playing football, follow teams religiously when it comes to cheering and supporting them.

Even more fascinating is that soccer has a magnetic pull over people who live in countries where the game is not played.

Since football is such as prevalent sport, it’s no surprise that the game is also a favourite with bookies and punters.

Sports betting, in general, has been on the rise, locally and internationally, with the possibility to now make wagers on virtual sports, a perfect option when football, or your preferred sporting event, is in the off-season.

Looking at all the money that people are earning, several fans are now eager to start their very own sports betting journey, and here are a few tips to help them along the way.

The Bookmaker

The foremost tip, when it comes to sports betting, is that you need to pick the best bookmaker available. For that, you will need to research and look at which website offers you the most bonuses, carries maximum odds, and has the best customer support.

Before you do that, do make sure that the betting site is legal and has permission to transfer money in your local bank account. Doing your due diligence early on can save you a lot of headaches later on.

The Competition

Typically, when you are planning to place a sports bet, a good option is to go with a competition that is unknown as the odds are likely to be in your favour.

However, if you are someone new to the game, stick with the more popular ones like the Premier League. One reason for this is that the tournament is telecasted and covered extensively, so you have access to all the latest Premier League news quickly.

As a result of this, you can research on how teams and players are performing before making an informed and winning bet.

The Plan

Betting is a lot of fun and games, but you still need to have a plan if you want to win regularly. To start with, fix a budget and stick to it.

Next up, divide your money into several different bets, and not just one or two. You can bet on who wins the game, which player will score a goal, and how many total goals are likely to be scored.

Taking your betting amount and distributing it into smaller wagers increases your chances of winning.

The Teams

Betting on the underdogs or lesser-known teams is an excellent opportunity to hit the jackpot in terms of your bets.

However, during your first few chances, it is best to take precautions and go with soccer clubs that are having a winning streak.

This does mean that you will make less money on the whole, but it will decrease the risk factor to the bare minimum. Moreover, this way, you get to understand how profitable different odds can be, and thus learn about the nuances of sports betting with time.

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