This Isn’t Normal!: 5 Areas Of Potential Personal/ Political Conflicts

If you are like many others, you’ve probably come to the conclusion, what we are witnessing, in these past three years, is anything, but, normal! From the controversial election campaign of 2016, which seemed to divide Americans, like we have never witnessed, before, in recent memory, to the President’s rhetoric, campaign – style rallies, Cabinet and other, high – government position, selections, etc, there appears to be many conflicts, etc! A nation divided rarely remains sustainable, and, unless/ until, citizens begin to declare, as in the famous words from the movie, Network, I’m sick and tired, and not going to take it anymore, this nation, and the freedoms, and democracy, it has always stood for, and represented, is threatened, and, under siege! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 areas of potential conflict, which must be faced, and defeated, sooner, rather than later.

1. Emoluments: Our Founding Fathers felt so strongly about the dangers from emoluments, that they included it, in the prohibitions and restrictions, to America’s President. On several occasions, we have witnessed, what appears to be, numerous potential violations, and conflicts, when it comes to this area! Included among these, includes: President Trump’s apparent business conflicts – of – interest; perceptions of pay – for – play, scenarios; potential attempts at coercion, to use foreign influences, for political advantage; fund – raising challenges (ethical challenges), etc.

2. Personal/ family. business conflicts – of – interest: When the President and his family, maintain ownership, and control, of a major hotel property, in Washington, DC, and elsewhere, and, it seems, foreign governments, are, at the very least, encouraged to spend their monies, there, this isn’t normal, nor does it seem to be in the best interests of the nation, and its citizens! When many of his appointees are, apparently, encouraged, to spend, for parties, at the property, including the Attorney General, etc, isn’t that, a potential conflict? When the President’s son – in – law, appears to have business interests in controversial areas of the world, including Saudi Arabia, etc, and, that nation, then seems to receive extra attention, it doesn’t look good!

3. Ukraine conflicts: Very little about the Ukraine conflicts, from Paul Manafort’s relationships (business, and personal), to Trump’s controversial phone call (where he appeared to ask for a favor, which included getting political dirt on Joe Biden’s son), etc, if it looks like a skunk, and smell like one, it probably is. As the main character in the television series, NCIS, Leon Jethro Gibbs, often proclaimed, I don’t believe in coincidences.

4. His Swamp: For a candidate, who made the campaign promise, Drain the Swamp, it appears, his intention was to replace it, with his expanded one! No President has ever had, as many indicted, convicted, and/ or, the degree of turnover of personnel. as we have experienced, these last couple of years. At the very least, we’ve witnessed a record degree of apparent conflicts!

5. Potential legal jeopardy: President Trump’s former campaign chairman, as well as his former personal attorney, are both, serving time, in prison! Impeachment considerations, seem to be moving along, at a significant pace! Mr. Trump, is currently under investigation, in several courts, including Federal and State ones! His declaration, proclaiming, he is above the law, in his present position, should be, concerning to those, who seek a saner world!

Wake up, America, because, what we’re witnessing, isn’t normal! We can, and must, do better, and demand, our national leaders, consistently, put citizens, and needed policies, ahead of partisan politics!

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Source by Richard Brody

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