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Things You Should Never Do As A Tourist In Lagos

Things You Should Never Do As A Tourist In Lagos

If you’re watching this, it means you’re probably planning to visit Lagos and you’re wondering what your experience would be like. Well, it is going to be an interesting one.

Lagos, which was formerly the capital of Nigeria, is regarded as the centre of excellence. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world with a huge metropolis. People can attest to the fact that the state is such a lively and bubbling place to be in.

The beach resorts, boutiques and nightlife sound captivating and appealing but there are some things you should never be caught doing while visiting Nigeria’s commercial hub.

1. Do not put your cash-loaded wallet or gadgets in your back pocket because it could get picked. Pickpocketing and armed robbery are rampant in some parts of the state and you need to be at alert. Always protect your most-prized possessions when walking on the streets of Lagos so they don’t get snatched away from you.

2.Do not carry cash around – Ever since the Central Bank of Nigeria implemented the cashless policy, the use of Point Of Sales machines has increased and it has made transactions possible in such a way that you do not need to carry large sums of money around. With just a swipe of your ATM card, you can buy what you want and need. Do not ever carry a lot of cash around or worse, flash it around.

3.Take pictures of people or businesses without permission – If you’re a YouTuber or photographer, or you handle a camera then you need to take note of this. Yes, there are lots of beautiful places and photo ops in the state. However, always make sure to seek permission before taking pictures of people or businesses.

4.Do not leave your hotel room doors unlocked – Your safety must always come first. Make sure your hotel room doors are always bolted so your personal belongings do not get missing.

5.Do not give people things with your left hand. This is a no-no. You might get scolded if you offer people things with your left hand because it is considered as a taboo in the state. People read meanings to this and they find it disrespectful. 

6. Expect everyone to speak English – There are various ethnic groups and even though a lot of people do speak English, there are still some locals who are not so good. 

7.Don’t leave your home late and expect that you will arrive at an event on time and avoid road rage. The gridlocked roads and jammed streets are quite discouraging but learn to practice being polite while driving. Avoid tailgating, overspeeding, erratic braking and cutting off other vehicles. Leave your house on time and listen to live traffic updates on the radio.

8.Go clubbing alone – Ensure that you go to the club in the company of others. There are qualified tour guides who serve as escorts and also offer directions to groups of people hanging out together at specific times.

9.Overstay your visa – Visa defaulters are made to face penalties in Nigeria. It is advisable not to overstay in the country without visa approval. Nigerian Customs are competent and they have their methods of tracking tourist visas. Stick to your travel plans and leave the country on or before the visa expiration date. If you plan to extend your stay then do the needful. Apply for extension at the Nigerian Immigration office.

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