The White House, Downing Street And The United Nations, Should Take Good Note of This

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When men seek and endeavor to chop down Israel, God has a way of raising that nation back up! That is just a fact of history.

Isaiah the prophet of God writes about this in Chapter 11 of his magnificent book. He sees a stump from a chopped down tree producing a shoot which becomes a branch and on this branch there flies a flag!

This flag – this banner – is a rallying point – but for more than journalists and commentators to write about and broadcast images. It is for the nations. The White House and Downing Street and United Nations should take note of this.

This is one reason why we keep an eye on Israel. When Israel is in the news, what is God about to do? Remember they have been brought back to the land, but NOT as yet to the Lord. Some have, but more has yet to happen in that vital area.

There is a picture of peace described in these verses, and there is a vision of jealousy being removed. These verses speak of a kind of subjection with regard to those who do not fall into line with the Will of God – with what God is doing.

Verse 15. The Western tongue of the Red Sea will dry up, and African Jews will be able to walk into Israel. The river Euphrates will split into so many channels that you will be able to ford it. People who want to be able to come in this time of national recovery will be able to come. Then we come to a fourth thing the Branch is going to bring – International Rejoicing and True Worship.

Humanly speaking all this is impossible. It is too much – unbelievable! So is a child being conceived in the womb of a virgin – so is a crucified and buried Saviour being raised from the dead and ascending back to His Father. It is all so impossible and unbelievable – until God makes it all happen – and gives faith to those who are ready and willing to accept His Word – and then, they find it all so wonderfully real and true.

Humanly speaking – ah but we are not speaking humanly- we are speaking about the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. That is how the Book was written and that is how the Book will be understood.

It is easier to look back and believe than believe what is yet to happen.

The way God is going to reconcile fallen Creation – is that hard to believe? But when we read verse 11 – who in 1945 to 1947 would have believed what happened so suddenly and dramatically in 1948? There arises a spirit of praise and worship. It springs from the heart of those who have experienced the mighty works of God.

Those who know the Hand of Salvation – those who feel His tender touch – those who are aware of Him leading them – there is this overflow of Praise and Worship – and it has to be expressed – it cannot be contained. You cannot sit still at such times and remain silent. You sense the Spirit of God flowing within you and you just want to sing His Praises.

If you have experienced that – make sure you never lose it. It is when we read Chapter 12 we see that God wants to bring us to that day.

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Source by Sandy Shaw

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