The Ever – Changing, 5 – Step, Ukraine Story

In the same way, we often witness, evolving stories, etc, in how, our political leaders articulate their version of circumstances (especially, those, unfavorable to their personal/ political agenda, and self – interest), the current, ongoing, Ukraine investigation/ inquiry, has demonstrated, the administration of the President, to resort to some degree of distortion, etc, and President Trump, engaging in what appears as, a 5 – stage method, of presenting his perspective of the facts. This ever – changing, set of messages, creates an atmosphere, where our nation, is becoming increasingly, polarized/ divided, and his supporters, seem, to either, not care about the truth, or, believe everything, he proclaims, while his opponents, have come to automatically, mistrust, his proclamations. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, the 5 phases/ stages, and pattern, generally followed, specifically, regarding this Ukraine scandal.

1. Nothing happened: Who doesn’t remember, President Donald Trump, referring to his phone call, with the Ukrainian President, as, a perfect call? After releasing, what he referred to, as a transcript of the call (although, the document, clearly states, it was not), he attempted to transform it, to his alternate reality, using the slogan, and campaign merchandize, stating, Read the Transcript. However, just as, after the Mueller Report, and the declaration, of, no collusion, no obstruction (although, a thorough reading of the redacted report, stated somewhat, differently), the present occupant of the White House, and his apparent enablers, originally, presented their version, of reality, instead!

2. No quid pro quo: Quid pro quo, is generally, defined, as a favor, or advantage, granted, or expected, in return for something. Despite the President’s constant denial of anything occurring, which indicated that, there couldn’t have been that, because nothing was asked, or delivered, most people, reading the transcript, felt/ believed, believe it, showed, otherwise! However, when we withheld funds, and Trump, asked, a favor, it certainly, seems, otherwise!

3. Even if there was, and there wasn’t, it would have been OK: Proclaiming, because the President, is entitled to taking actions, others could not, it would have been, acceptable, even if, he did. Of course, although, the transcript appears to prove, otherwise, this appears to be, the usual, third – step, in his standard – operating – procedure, when it comes to addressing criticisms, etc!

4. Nothing resulted – They got their money, so how could there have been a crime: The argument, since Ukraine received their money, without doing anything, in return, is, at best, a distortion! This mindset, is similar, to saying, because the shot missed, there was no crime!

5. Blame/ complain, about the Democrats, whistle – blower, and calling the process, a hoax, scam, and fake – news: The final step, appears to be, resorting to calling himself, a victim, and blaming, and complaining, about others, rather than taking any degree of personal responsibility! Some of his major focus, seems to be, blaming the Democrats, demanding to face the whistle – blower, and calling, the whole thing, a hoax, scam, and fake – news.

I believe, if you accept, the President’s version, despite the testimony of so many individuals, I may have a bridge, to sell, to you! Different people, are entitled to their own opinions, but not, their own version of the facts!

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Source by Richard Brody

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