The College Professor and the United States Marine

As the tale goes, recently a young American Marine recruit was attending some of the local college courses as he awaited his new assignment. He had previously completed several back to back missions in both Iraq and also in Afghanistan. One of his courses that he was taking was being taught by a professor that was known to be a strict atheist as well as a supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

During one of his classes the professor decided to shock his class when he first arrived. He glanced up towards the ceiling and sternly commanded, “If there really is a God then I want you to knock me off of this platform. I will even give you precisely 15 minutes in which to do so.” Silence feel around the entire lecture room. There was no whispering or talking of any sorts.

The clock on the wall showed ten minutes had elapsed and once again the professor stood up and proclaimed, “I am still waiting God.” Finally it got down to the last few minutes of the challenge and all of a sudden the young Marine rose from his chair. He got out of his seat, approached the professor, and proceeded to cold cock him in front of the entire class causing him to fall from the platform. The marine then returned to his seat, folded his hands on his desk and waited silently with the other students. Naturally the remaining students were stunned and shocked over such behavior.

Eventually the professor came to and looked at the Marine in an inquisitive manner. “What is wrong with you? Why did you hit me?” he asked.

The Marine calmly responded, “God was busy today protecting many of America’s soldiers who are fighting to protect your right to say such stupid things so he sent me.”

Just as the young Marine acted according to his beliefs we too sometimes have to stand up for what we consider correct and proper even though the rest of our peers may be following the lines of those in authority. This concept is even more important these days when our constitutional rights and liberties are at stake. Protect these right while we have them. Make sure that you vote in each and every election whether it is for the Major of your town or for the Commander and Chief of the United States.

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by Joseph Parish

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