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Marketing technologies are only as good as the processes behind them. The same is true when speaking of capabilities and scalability within these technologies. Every tool, no matter how expansive, has the potential to grow exponentially with the right extensions, integrations, and add-ons. Whether seeking solutions for everyday issues or complex use cases, we marketers can sometimes limit ourselves by staying inside the constraints of the technologies that we use. We can forget that a whole world of options live outside the confines of our existing tools – integrators, apps, extensions, feeders, etc. that exponentially increase the capacity of our existing toolset.

Most marketing technology providers offer applications and extensions that take your marketing to the next level. Whether you’re looking to integrate with a 3rd party tool, provide unified experiences across channels, elevate your lead nurturing, integrate data, utilize predictive modeling, or simply enhance your programs and campaigns, I can nearly guarantee that an application is simply waiting for you to find it. Best of all, the majority of these extensions are completely free, or require a nominal monthly fee to utilize.

If you’re unfamiliar with your marketing technology options, I recommend reaching out to your providers and asking them for more information on what’s available to you. If you’re utilizing Oracle’s Marketing Cloud, their marketplace is a great place to start.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace

As an Oracle Marketing Cloud customer, you should consider adding a bookmark in your browser for the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Consider it your one-stop-shop for a litany of applications to enhance everything from social media marketing to account-based marketing, data integration to analytics, customer intelligence to predictive tools, and everything in-between. Whether you’re using Eloqua, Responsys, or any of OMC’s tools, you’ll likely find an application that will help you solve a use case or meet a business objective.

When you visit the Marketplace, you’ll have the ability to filter for apps that integrate with a specific OMC product and/or fall within a specific category. You’ll also have the ability to see which apps are free and which require a monthly or annual fee. Even if you don’t have a specific use case, integration requirement, or challenge, I encourage you to browse the Marketplace and become familiar with the capabilities available. You may be surprised by how many free tools can enhance your campaigns, cleanse and augment your data, and provide omnichannel experiences to your customers.

As you’re browsing through the site, you’ll likely notice quite a few applications from Relationship One. That’s because we have a product development team dedicated to building applications and extensions that enhance platforms throughout the Oracle Marketing Cloud. In fact, we have our own AppCloud catalog where you can find additional inspiration.

Relationship One’s AppCloud

Similar to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Relationship One’s AppCloud contains applications that extend functionality or increase efficiency across the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Ranging from apps that allow you to set more controls of your campaigns to widgets that seamlessly integrate with third-party platforms, the AppCloud will provide you with extensive options to expand the abilities of your marketing technology.

Most of the apps available within the AppCloud Catalog are publicly available, free of charge, and ready for use within minutes of installation. Here you will find campaign enhancers, channel integrations, data integrators/appenders, and lead management extenders. Some of our most popular apps include:

Asset Name Generator

Use the Eloqua Asset Name Generator app to standardize your Eloqua asset (e.g., campaigns, forms, landing pages, segments, etc.) naming.

Google Ads Custom Audiences

As part of an Eloqua campaign flow, add or remove campaign members to one or more Google Ads custom audiences lists.

Hootsuite for Eloqua

With Hootsuite for Eloqua app, you can add social posts like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram as part of your Eloqua Campaigns.

Twilio SMS Pro

Bust out of the email inbox and easily add high-volume SMS text messaging to your campaigns.

Beyond these campaign and channel enhancers, the AppCloud offers a number of integrators and appenders to help you share, utilize, and augment your data. Whether you’re looking to export large amounts of contact/account/activity data, append information across contacts/accounts/CDOs, or integrate with your CRM, Relationship One has an app for you. If you can’t find what you need, our product developers will work with you to develop a custom solution that solves your challenge.

Relationship One’s Data Cloud

Even with all of the tools available to you, sometimes, an application simply doesn’t meet your requirements. Are you struggling with a complex data use case? Does your data model require householding capabilities, parent/child relationships, and/or contacts and leads with no email addresses? These can be difficult situations to solution, but it is also where Relationship One’s Data Cloud shines.

Data Cloud is a fully managed solution that allows you to utilize your data more fully, increase performance, and decrease costs over traditional data warehouse solutions. Relationship One’s Data Cloud connects to nearly any cloud, on-premise or homegrown database and automates the extraction of data into a unified, cloud-based warehouse for storage, data blending, real-time segmentation and decisioning, and high-performance analytics.

Data Cloud provides a robust way to not only centralize your data, but also extract, segment, and make decisions off of that information in real-time within campaigns and programs. It supports 100M+ records and allows you to run queries in seconds. Within Data Cloud, your data is never flattened and your complex data models stay in place, solving for many of the challenges you may be facing. Whether your data relationships are many-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many, Data Cloud has you covered. Best of all, with its highly secure database and seamless integration with Oracle Eloqua, it gives you the power to precisely segment, action, and market off of your data in real-time directly on the canvas.

No matter what your need, there is likely an application ready for you to try. Whether you utilize the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Relationship One’s AppCloud, or another provider’s application suite, continue to explore how external applications and integrators can extend the functionality of your marketing technology. If you have a business case for an application that is not currently available, reach out. Relationship One’s product development team has built dozens of private applications for organizations with unique business needs, and we are ready to help you with the same.

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