Syria, Iran, and Other Terrorist Regimes: Why They Will Soon Be Deposed

Syrian security forces killed at least 70 protestors Friday, and the death toll could reach 100, in one of the bloodiest days since the start of an eleven-week revolt against the authoritarian rule of President Bashar al-Assad. But the Syrian regime’s brutality has not slowed the protests. In fact, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in defiance of security forces’ efforts to crush the uprising.

On Monday, anti-regime dissidents took control of the Northwest portion of Syria and killed 120 security officers in the process. In fact, the Washington Post reported that “a swath of villages” in that area are now “outside government control”.

Things are beginning to spin out of control for terroristic President Assad. This is not a good sign for him or for the Iranian regime. If protestors bring down Assad, the opposition movement in Iran will be emboldened, preparing for the eventual deposing of Ahmadinejad-which, in turn, will prepare for the end-times treaty.

Las Vegas odds say that Bashar al-Assad, terrorist demon of Syria, will not last. The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) assessment is in agreement with Las Vegas; for, according to the assessment of the Israeli military intelligence, the Assad regime will succumb to Syrian protests.

This is because Assad has lost his legitimacy in the eyes of the Syrians by responding with gross brutality to the protestors. (A recent report indicated that more than 1,200 protestors have been killed by Syrian “security” forces.) One incident stands out in which a thirteen-year-old boy was brutally and grotesquely tortured, finally dying from the assault.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration continues to hold onto the fanciful idea that it will be able to work with Assad, whom administration officials have called a “reformer”. This week Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared that Assad’s legitimacy had “nearly run out”. “Nearly” run out ?! Added to this statement, the Secretary of State dreamed “hope” that “the Syrian government will end the brutality and begin a transition to real democracy”. However, as a recent New York Times editorial expressed, arguments that Assad is the best hope for reform and stability have lost all credibility.

It is not just that the depraved Syrian regime might go down; It is that it MUST go down. Why? As David Brooks of the New York Times wrote this past week, there will not be peace in the Middle East “so long as depraved regimes are part of the picture.” This would include, not just the Assad regime of Syria, but also Hamas, the Gaddafi regime of Libya, and the current Iranian regime.

There is a strong connection between three of these ruling entities-the Assad regime, Hamas, and the Ahmadinejad (of Iran) government. For example, if the Assad regime is overthrown, it would be a blow to Iran, as Syria serves as Iranian puppet bordering Israel; but the regime’s upending would also embolden Iranian protestors, creating real problems for Ahmadinejad. Since Hamas is supported by both Syria and Iran, the toppling of either of those ruling powers will adversely affect the Palestinian terrorist group.

The Syrian protestors see this connection, which is why they have turned against Iran, as well as against Hizbullah (the terrorist entity that essentially controls Lebanon), two allies of the current Syrian regime. The more Assad brutalizes the protestors, the greater will be the anger across the Middle East, not only toward Assad, but also toward Iran, Hizbullah, and Hamas.

Because the Bible predicts there will be an end-times treaty with Israel that will produce the global assessment of “peace and security,” each of these “depraved regimes” will be deposed in the near future. With such depraved regimes in the picture, neither the treaty is possible nor is the appearance of “peace and security”. Thus, all terrorist regimes in the Middle East will be upended to make way for the end-times treaty with Israel.

Since the terrorist entities of the Assad regime, the Ahmadinejad government, Hamas, and Hizbullah will all be brought down-in order to prepare for the end-times treaty and “peace and security” -perhaps we are now seeing the preparation for their demise . Keep an eye on the Middle East; but, more importantly, if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, keep looking up!

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Source by John Claeys

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