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Are you looking for Survival Fund Latest Update? If yes, we are pleased to inform you that the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment has released a press statement concerning some issues surrounding the Federal Government’s Survival Fund Scheme.

Survival Fund Press Release

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Portal requesting for beneficiaries account details to get N50.000 not known to us – PDO
Our attention has been drawn to the activities of fraudsters

The syndicate operating a fraudulent portal with the link
https:// survivaIfund-go v-ng.f reef unds.xyz/#l 609249530133 (https://bit.ty/FC-Survival-Fund) are asking unsuspecting members of the public to check their eligibility for the scheme by providing their account details on the portal in order to be paid N50.000 grant under the Survival Fund Scheme.

It is pertinent to note that the Project Delivery Office (the coordinating office of the scheme) does not operate any such portal and beneficiaries do not require to go to the website to verify their eligibility for Federal Government’s Survival Fund as indicated on the fraudulent portal.

Regular updates and reviews in the implementation of the MSMEs Survival Fund as approved by the Steering Committee (as have been done) will be communicated to prospective beneficiaries and the general public by the Project Delivery Office (PDO) through other means and not via any website or portal.

The website requesting beneficiaries’ account details is therefore a scam. The PDO does not operate any such portal and wishes to advise all Nigerians and beneficiaries of the different tracks of the Survival Fund to be wary and desist from having dealings with the operators of the site.

The authentic Survival Fund portal remains www.survivalfund.gov.ng. As customary with the PDO, members of the public will be informed about updates on the scheme whenever it is necessary.


Survival Fund Latest Press Release » Voice of Nigeria

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