Surprised by Peace

I no longer watch the news, because I simply no longer enjoy it. It is not uplifting. It’s bad news all the way. News about people being dishonest. News about a government building a swimming pool and calling it a fire pool. News about war. News about people who have to burn tires to be heard. News about people being killed for no reason.

Peace is nowhere to be found. Even in relationships between spouses, children and parents, and even among friends, peace is becoming scarce. That’s why we don’t feel good. That’s why we get sick and tired of life. Because peace has been lost.

To keep life balanced we need peace. Loads of peace. Peace is the glue that sticks people with differences together. Where there is peace, there is rest, says the Bible.

We need loads of peace in our marriages. The relationship between parents and children needs bags full of peace. The world needs truckloads of peace. We long for real peace between countries and enemies, between friends and strangers, between us.

And the only place where peace can be found in abundance is with God: 16May the Master of Peace himself give you the gift of getting along with each other… God is the source of peace. Nobody can experience true peace if it doesn’t come from God. The peace that the world tries to create is made-up peace hanging by a thin thread that could break at any time.

Indeed, it was sin that brought a lack of peace between God and mankind. God was dissatisfied with what mankind was doing on earth. Just look at his special people, Israel, in the Old Testament. When things had been going well for some time, it wouldn’t be long before the Israelites did something stupid and the peace that existed between them and God would disappear like mist before the sun. It was the same story time after time. God forgave and established peace, until the Israelites put a spanner in the works again.

It became too much for God and He made a plan. He prepared a real peace plan. A plan that would bring about lasting peace between Him and mankind forever: Jesus had to come to earth and had to die as punishment for mankind’s sin.

That is the only plan that can work. Not a peace plan put in place by people. Also, not a plan carried out by people. No, for a peace plan to really work, you need God.

Do you need peace in one of your relationships? Then you must find peace with God. Do you need peace in your business or at work? God has loads of peace.

I know you need peace in your life, which is why I will now pray with Paul for you: 16May the Master of Peace himself give you the gift of getting along with each other at all times, in all ways. Yes! May God pour his peace all over you. But even more, 16… May the Master be truly among you!

God is looking for opportunities where He can surprise you every day. Any place, any time. Open your heart to it. Be sensitive to it. Be calm and wait for it. God will pour his joy and peace over you in the most amazing and unique way.


2 Thessalonians 3:16-18


Where do you need peace?

Have you gone to God to find peace?

What now?


Father, we need loads of peace from You. I am so tired of peace eluding me all the time. That is why I come and kneel before You. I beg of You, give me peace, because I can no longer bear the burden of the lack of peace. Amen.

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Source by Gerjo Ben Van Der Merwe

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