Spring Cleaning for Content Marketing

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It’s that time of year again – spring cleaning season – and now is the perfect time to begin reviewing the strategy, content, and checklists behind your content marketing efforts. Content marketing is an essential way for your brand to deliver its message. To keep your content marketing fresh and up to date follow this spring cleaning plan:

Evaluate your Content Calendar

Do you have a content calendar planned for the year? If not, now’s a great time to make one! Have you fallen behind on any content that you planned? That’s okay, now’s a good time to get back on track or modify the schedule to accommodate what’s realistically moving forward. If you’re one of the few that have managed to start off 2021 with a content marketing plan for the year AND keep to it, then now’s the time to pat yourself on the back as well as begin to look ahead to the content that’s coming up next and start preparing for it.

Plan for Social Media

Are you posting to social media? More importantly, are you posting something unique to each social media platform? Something beyond a copy / paste text blurb with a link to your latest blog post? If you answered no to any of these questions, a good place to start re-evaluating your social media marketing plan is there. Remember, a strong social media presence can strengthen any brand. Understanding the nuances to each platform’s strengths can help you develop a plan that’s more specifically geared towards your audiences on that platform. This is important since your LinkedIn audience will be different from your Facebook audience which will still vary from your Twitter audience. Whatever platform you use, keep format, content and audience in mind. For example, Twitter is a short format, but more immediate updates are typically expected. Instagram is more visually-based and hashtags keep it fun. LinkedIn promotions or audience feeders pushing into your Eloqua or Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) of choice can be a great way to kick off a summer marketing series.

Review your SEO Strategy

When’s the last time you reviewed your SEO strategy? Have you added any new tags lately? Optimize your SEO with fresh content and optimized keywords. Remember, a good SEO strategy starts with good keyword research. Understanding the search volume and competition behind the keywords you’re using today can help provide direction on what changes can be made to improve your SEO. The more visible your site, the more page views, clicks, and ultimately, sales leads you should see come from your content marketing.

Perform a Content Audit

An essential task in any spring cleaning effort is to review what you have on hand. Archive past content as needed in order to keep only the content that is still relevant available. And ensure that the content left is organized in an intelligent and useful way.

By following these spring cleaning steps, you’ll have plenty of fresh content, SEO improvements, and social channels to factor into your content marketing strategy.

If you need any guidance around your content marketing strategy and tools, Relationship One is here to help.

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