Some Harms That Football Brings You Should Know

Football is a king sport that is loved by many people. It is very popular and has many major tournaments in the world. It can be said that football brings a lot of benefits to players, and viewers. However, it can also bring many unexpected harms. 

The succession of serious injuries occurring during time on the field is the clearest testament to the dangers players face in king sport. Because of the unique nature with high motor intensity and frequent collision and conflict, this is also a sport with many potential health risks. Join us to find out the potential harms of this football! 

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The rock is not at the right time, it is harmful to health

Football should also not be played when it rains because of the slippery terrain

Football is not the right sport to play at all times. However, if you kick the football ball when the weather is too hot, the player will risk getting sunburned, sprained, or even fainting. On the contrary, playing football in too cold weather puts players at risk of catching a cold.

Early morning, sunset or foggy times are also not suitable for football. Meanwhile, the natural light is limited, the vision is blocked, the player’s reaction ability also slows down, it is difficult to cope with unexpected situations on the pitch and increases the risk of injury.

Football should also not be played when it rains because of the slippery terrain, limited visibility, players are also at risk of catching colds, fever…

Late evening is not the right time to play football. According to Chinese medicine, the evening is about from 20 to 21 o’clock when the body has fallen into a state of physiological fatigue, not suitable for playing sports.

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Kick the ball when it is not in accordance with the body condition

A person with a history of cardiovascular and respiratory disease, if playing football, can increase the risk of the old illness returning, even serious cases, can lead to stroke.

Especially those who are nearsighted or have an eye handicap should pay attention when choosing this sport. Because they have a much weaker retina than the average person. If you injure your eye while kicking a football ball, there is a risk of retinal detachment, causing blindness.

Kick the ball with the wrong technique to cause injury

The nature of football is a form of vigorous movement, combining many senses, the gameplay is mainly antagonistic, it is difficult to avoid overexertion or physical impact.

However, often playing football violently, or being careless while moving will put players at risk of physical injury (fractures, dislocations, soft tissue damage…).

Heading in football is potentially dangerous for players

Heading is a very normal act in football, but recent studies show that hitting the head has a very dangerous

Heading is a very normal act in football, but recent studies show that hitting the head has a very dangerous long-term effect for the players.

Heading, in some cases, such as corner kicks or indirect free kicks, is a common move to get the ball into the net. However, imagine that, when the head comes into contact with the balloon flying at high speed (possibly up to 50km/ h), there will be certain effects on the cortex and nerves.

According to a study from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the ball’s impact is not large enough to immediately destroy the nerve, but can damage five parts of the brain, including the area that controls attention.  mind, memory and eyesight. The truth is that top players often have less memory and hand-eye coordination than headers.

American studies have shown that headers in football matches have the same effect as a “hook” in boxing, or football hits. According to the explanation, children will be affected more than adults after the first phase, because their cerebral cortex and cervical motor force are still in the development stage and relatively weak.

In addition to the risk of serious injury or stroke on the field, modern footballers now face lasting brain effects if they continue to play headless without protective gear. But it is difficult to exclude head-hitting from the rules of football, so FIFA probably needs to put in place the right policies to protect the health of the players.

Notes to help you play football safer

  • About costumes

Note choosing a sweat absorbent material for the body to feel comfortable

Football players often sweat a lot, so instead of choosing clothes that are too tight or too secretive, you should wear loose, cool clothes. Note choosing a sweat absorbent material for the body to feel comfortable.

Regular football players also need a pair of dedicated shoes to run well on the pitch.

As explained above, football should not be played when it rains, it is not suitable to play when it is too hot, too cold, and should not be played at sunset or early morning or late evening.

The most suitable time for these types of vigorous exercise is at 9-10 am or 15-18 pm. This is the time when the body speed is high, the muscles, the circulatory system, the respiratory system are ready to go into intense action.

Of course, for a particular subject such as football, players, in addition to choosing the time frame, also need to pay attention to the weather factors, avoid ice under hot weather, too cold or heavy rain.

  • Back to the football field

Quality football fields both make players feel good, and also reduce their chances of getting injured.

A good football field will ensure an element of safety for the ball player. Quality football fields both make players feel good, and also reduce their chances of getting injured. Conversely, if the football field has unfavorable terrain, lots of gravel and rocks, the player will be more at risk of injury.

Before kicking a football ball, the player should do some light movement so that the organs in the body begin to “warm up”, get the momentum of acceleration and achieve high performance during the exercise. Skipping the warm-up before playing ball will make it difficult for players to move or lose endurance.

During or after playing football, your body is draining a lot of energy, the internal organs are still in the process of returning to a normal working state.

At that time, if you immediately drink a lot of water, especially cold water, the stomach will be irritated and cause abdominal pain, moreover, the burden on the heart will also increase. Instead, you should pay attention to drink small sips, drink slowly, rest for a while before drinking more water, and avoid drinking cold water or cold water.

Many people often have the habit of taking a shower right after kicking a football ball to eliminate fatigue. Actually, this is an unscientific way.

Because while playing football, the body’s blood is concentrated on the limbs, causing the heart to form such a habit of blood transmission. When the game is finished, the amount of blood still tends to flow to the extremities. Taking a shower at this time will make you feel dizzy, nauseous, and even increase your risk of some illnesses coming back.

So, after kicking a football ball, you should rest a little before taking a warm bath.

Football is your favorite activity, but it can also do a lot of harm to you, so try to learn and learn how to play football safely! Injuries in the process of playing football are of particular concern, especially for young children.

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