Skin Bleaching Creams & Pills Can Damage Your Kidney & Liver Permanently! –

dangers of skin bleaching

Skin Bleaching Creams & Pills Can Damage Your Kidney & Liver Permanently!

Skin lightening has been a trend in many parts of the world, especially in Africa and Asia, for a long time now. The desire to have a lighter complexion has been linked to societal pressure, and some individuals believe that they would look more attractive and have better opportunities if they had fairer skin. However, the use of skin lightening agents has come with various health risks, some of which are severe and irreversible.

Melanin is a pigment produced by cells in the skin called melanocytes, which determines skin color. The more melanin concentration in the skin, the darker it is. Skin lightening agents cause either a reduction in the concentration or production of melanin. However, melanin offers benefits such as protecting the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, which causes skin cancer. Therefore, dark-skinned individuals are at lower risk of developing skin cancer compared to their lighter-skinned counterparts. Melanin also plays a crucial role in the normal functioning of organs such as the brain and nerves.

Skin lightening agents are available in various forms, including creams, pills/capsules, and intravenous drips. Unfortunately, most of these agents contain harmful chemicals such as mercury and potent steroids, which get absorbed into the skin and bloodstream, causing damage to different organs.

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While the long-term effects of steroid and mercury creams have been extensively studied and documented, the long-term effects of newer agents such as pills and drips are still unknown, although early studies indicate that they cause similar organ damage.

The use of skin lightening agents can lead to various health risks, some of which are severe and potentially life-threatening. For instance, skin lightening agents can result in the excessive leaking of protein in the urine, causing kidney damage and eventual failure. Additionally, long-term use of skin lightening agents can lead to irreparable liver damage and eventual liver failure.

Endocrine problems such as Cushing’s disease, characterized by hypertension, diabetes, swollen face, and other changes in body habitus, may also arise.

Skin lightening agents can lead to thinning of the bones, making them frail and prone to fractures (osteoporosis).

Heart enlargement and failure, reduction in immunity, and increased risk of infections are also some of the other risks.

In addition to physical health risks, skin lightening can also cause psychological and social problems. The pressure to have a lighter complexion has created a negative perception of dark-skinned individuals, leading to discrimination and racism.

The use of skin lightening agents can lead to severe birth defects if a pregnant woman continues using the creams during pregnancy, which can cause lifelong health problems for the child.

While it may not be possible to convince people to stop lightening their skin, it is crucial that they understand the risks associated with skin lightening agents. It is essential to prioritize the health implications of using skin lightening agents over external appearance. It is crucial to promote a positive perception of skin color diversity, celebrate all skin types and colors, and reject societal pressures to conform to certain beauty standards. Ultimately, one’s health should come first, and it is not worth endangering one’s life for a fleeting societal pressure to conform to beauty standards.

[About the author: Princess Adefunke is a trained Organic Cosmetic Chemist, she is the founder of Green Beauty Chemist ]

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