Radio Listenership in Swaziland

Although there are only 3 radio channels in Swaziland i.e. SBIS 1, 2 and VOC (a Christian channel), Swazi listeners also listen to other South African stations. However unlike television where South African TV stations have a significantly large audience, local radio stations are listened to more than any over border radio station.

SBIS 1 (siSwati channel) has the largest listeners across all demographic groups followed by SBIS 2 (the English channel), which appeals mostly to the younger age groups. The SBIS 1 (Swaziland Broadcasting and Information Service -1) attracts the highest listeners across all Swaziland’s administrative districts (Hhohho, Manzini, Shiselweni and Lubombo). SBIS 2 has significantly equal listenership reach across all the districts except in Shiselweni where a higher percentage of people within this district tune in to the station. The VOC (Voice of the Church ) has a fairly equal listenership rate across the districts with its highest being in Lubombo.

The southern district of Swaziland, Shiselweni also has the highest listenership rating for South Africa (SA) stations when comparing with listenership of these stations within the other Swaziland’s districts.

At the time of the survey, Jacaranda FM was the leading South African radio station listened to in Swaziland with a rating of about 8.5% followed by Ukhozi FM, Ligwalagwala FM, Metro FM, East Coast Radio, SA FM, and YFM respectively

On weekends, listening during the morning drive reaches its highest around News at 7am as opposed to 6am during weekdays. Although radio listenership in Swaziland drops after 7pm News, weekday radio listenership in Swaziland remains fairly higher than on weekends until just after 9pm.

Listenership at home is at its lowest between 8am and 5pm.This is the same time when out-of-home listening picks up with its highest share of AQH listeners being at 1pm and then starts to decline after that reaching its lowest around 8pm.

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Source by Thando Mavimbela

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