How I Got Entangled With The Nicest Man But His Wife Wants Him Back

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How I Got Entangled With The Nicest Man But His Wife Wants Him Back

Good day ma’am,

I am in a fix. I need your advise. Please keep me anonymous. So I met my boyfriend last year. Specifically in January, a few days after new year. When we met, he was suffering from heartbreak. He was married…just barely two years and he found out that his wife was sleeping with her boss.

This same boss, was involved in company fraud with his mistress….his wife and they were sent to prison for six months. At the time his wife was sentenced with her boss, she was pregnant. He was not sure if he was the father cos she was obviously having an affair.

So her prison sentence was shortened to 3 months and fine. But they were separated cos he felt betrayed by his wife. He wanted to divorce her as well but her family pleaded with him…cos they were panicked that she might take her life.

So they were separated when we met. He is such a sweet soul and I have never met anyone like him. I wonder why his wife would be stupid to cheat on such a good man. He told me he loves me but he is separated and that he will get a divorce after the baby is born.

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I agreed. I say this guy is the nicest…sweetest….I gave him my virginity cos I was obviously in love. He loves me so much. Some of his family knows me. They are cool with me. My family is also cool with him.

So this woman gave birth. But what I did not know is that while she was pregnant and out of prison, this woman convinced my boyfriend to attend therapy with her. My boyfriend, who is Mr. nice guy…agreed cos he did not want anything bad to happen to her. But in so doing, he was giving her hope while he was also with me.

This woman gave birth…and the DNA shows the baby is for my boyfriend. My boyfriend told me that he is still going on with the divorce. Which he filed. But this woman is doing everything in her power to stop the divorce.

Do you know she even got my number…called me and begged me to leave her husband and give their marriage a second chance….that they are in counseling…trying to work out their marriage but her husband is feeling he cannot disappoint me after taking my virginity…

I am torn ma…I asked him…he said he loves me so much and is afraid of loosing me. That I have been so good to him when he was lost….that I was faithful and loyal and me giving him my virginity is a gift he knows is very important to me…so he is willing to let go of his wife who betrayed him for me that stood by him and gave him hope in life again.

Ma…all that he said is true…but I feel he is saying all these but if I did not give him my V…he would have gone back to his wife. Every day, the wife is begging me to forgive her and leave her husband alone…that God will give me my own husband.

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This woman even sent her mother and family to beg me…some were insulting me and calling me home wrecker. sending wicked messages on my social media page…I don’t know anymore.

This is emotional blackmail…I know but it makes me feel bad…that I may be the reason this woman and her child will not have a happy home. I know I am not the cause of their problem cos she did the betrayal…but I inserted myself in their situation when their divorce was not over.

This is such an emotional mess…the family members that were cool with me are now giving me cold attitude…they want me to leave their son to work on his marriage…but he says he is going ahead with the divorce cos he made a promise to me…I need advise…should I let him go…free him of his promise to me or let him do as he pleases?

I know he still feels hurt by his wife but knowing how good a human being is…I know he is also very forgiving and  may be able to give her a second chance….I am just the only obstacle….and I love him so much…I cannot imagine my life without him…what should I do? Please advise me…how do I know who he loves more….me or his wife?

My father asked him if he can take two wives since he loves both women…he said its up to me…if I allow him…but if I say no…he is committed to marrying me once he divorces his wife…I don’t want that…never will I be a second wife…I don’t believe in that…the situation is either me or her…he says its me but he is also willing to be in her life if I permit him…which kind of over niceness is this or does he have strong feelings for her?

I just want to be able to know who he loves more….I will be able to make my decision… he is still going ahead with the divorce…doesn’t that mean he loves me more? Why wont his family see that…why are they making me feel so bad…What do you think?


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How I Got Entangled With The Nicest Man But His Wife Wants Him Back

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