Public Leaders Are Entitled To Their Opinions, But Not Their Own FACTS!

We live in a time, when lying, misstating, and consistently, paying little to no attention to the truth, especially when it doesn’t meet one’s personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, seems to have become, normalized! Every day, we see another example of this, when the media, and fact – checkers, double – check, statements made by President Trump, and affirm, he has told over 10,000 lies and misstatements, since he became President. At the same time, his spokespeople, seem to see nothing wrong, with claiming, there are facts, and alternative facts! While everyone is entitled to his opinion, and politicians tend to skew the truth (their messages), that doesn’t give them, the right, to make their own FACTS! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and consider, using the mnemonic approach, focus on the reasons, we can’t accept this normalization of lying, and demand, public officials provide us, with factual ideas, instead of constant, empty rhetoric, vitriol, and promises!

1. Faith; factual; feelings; future; fruition: Why should citizens have faith in those, they elect, unless, they believe, they are, at the very least, avoiding lies? Adherence to factual ideas and concepts, demonstrating humane feelings, and looking, clearly, towards the future, with well – considered, viable solutions, is the only way, what we need, and deserve, will move forward, towards fruition!

2. Attitude; attention; actions; articulate: Avoid those, who avoid taking personal responsibility, and, continue, to articulate, a message of blaming and complaining! We need leaders, who proceed, with a positive, can – do, attitude, and a willingness to pay keen attention, to the most relevant, sustainable needs, and realities! Measure whether someone’s actions, are worthy, of leading us, into the future, in a relevant, sustainable manner!

3. Character; creative; coordinate; cooperate: If political leaders are unwilling and/ or, unable, to cooperate, for the common good, and seek a meeting – of – the – minds, how will they be able to coordinate our efforts, with the necessary priorities, as the highest focus? When voting, always consider a candidate’s quality of character, and whether, he has the creative abilities, to bring us forward, in a relevant, sustainable way!

4. True/ trust; time – tested; timely; trends: If one doesn’t tell the truth, why should we trust him, or believe his emphasis, is on our true needs? This individual must combine time – tested skills and ideas, with a willingness, to, proactively, introduce, well – considered timely ideas, which best use, those applicable, appropriate trends!

5. System; stronger; stress/ emphasis; solutions; sustainable; service: Meaningful actions won’t occur, unless/ until, a leader conceives and perceives of, creates, develops, and implements, the best – possible, system! These must stress what’s needed, necessary, and doable, and place its emphasis, where it will do the most good! Viable solutions, focused on sustainable ideas, and requirements, differentiate real leaders, from the rest, of the pack!

Demand, public officials, realize, while they’re entitled to their opinions, they aren’t permitted, their own set of FACTS! Wake up, America, and demand, better service and representation!

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Source by Richard Brody

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