Fraud: Popular Clothier in Lagos Sentence to 9 Months In Prison for 419

Internet Fraud: A popular Clothier in Lagos state, Mr. Rufia Babatunde who is popularly known as “(Tunde) wears it” all was sent to nine-month imprisonment by justice Taiwo Oluwatoyin of the offenses court located in Ikeja, Lagos state, for engaging in internet fraud.

In a statement by the economic and financial crime commission (EFCC) zonal office in Lagos on March 5th, on a three-count-charge that’s bothering around stealing and illegally collecting money up to the sum of $5000 (2 million nairas).

Out of the several charges, one reads- “You Mr. Rufia Sodiq Babatunde (aka Richard Abben) about 12th December 2007 in the city of Lagos to defraud and use an email address [email protected] where you represented yourself as a citizen of America and collected the sum of $5000 (N2million) thereby committed a crime against section 278(1), (2) and 285(1) of the-criminal-code of Lagos 2011.

In a statement by the economic and financial crime commission, Babatunde the defendant pleaded guilty to the crime and charges against him by the EFCC Lagos zone.

Counsel to EFCC, Yerima Hamed informed the judge of a bargain plea agreement embraced by the defense team and he urges the court to consider the same and sentence the guilty based on the agreement reached.

The Judge in charge adopted the agreement of the plea and bargain and sentenced the accused accordingly.

Justice Taiwo in delivering the judgment said that she is mindful of this kind of crime(Fraud) which is giving our country a very bad name and spoiling our image in the international community.

But because of the bargain plea, the defendant is sentenced to (9)nine months imprisonment with a fine option of N400,000 to be paid through the EFCC to the federal government.

Also, the judge instructed that the three expensive cars and every other property acquired by fraudulent activities should be forfeited to FG and also advise the youth to endeavor to shun get rich quick mental and focus on working hard.

The reason why fraud activities are on the rise in our society is due to the impatience of our youth to delay gratification, embrace working hard, and inculcating moral standards with their daily living.

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