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NIRSAL Microfinance bank begins Notification of Applicants for second batch Disbursement of funds

CBN partnered with NIRSAL Microfinance Bank as last week began to transfer funds to selected candidates. This is accomplished by posting notifications to eligible applicants in their Email address or the cell phone number they were using at the time of registration.

nirsal fund disbursement

In our article today I will show you the different steps to take if you do not get a certificate from them. Although many applicants receive messages such as in their Email address or cell phone while some still want to receive them.

Steps to take if you have not received a letter from them:

1. The first step is to visit NIRSAL Microfinance Bank by typing https: // covid in your internet browser (Remember that you must first log in to your network) visit the website)

2. Note that they have many resources about but you only have the idea to click on one with covid 19 support ie https: // covid / covid 19 support.

3. Next, click on the Concepts of Safety Plans (TCF). Then click “click here to place another bank account.”

nirsal covid loan

nirsal covid-19 loan

4. A text box will appear displaying the Financial Information System (BIMS) ‘SME’ and ‘Family’ click on the category you selected at the time of registration.

nirsal loan

5. A box will then appear asking you to provide your BVN then click on ‘Validate BVN’ then it will indicate whether or not your loan has been approved.

nirsal bvn validate

If approved, you will need to provide additional registration otherwise you will have to wait patiently for the next package.

nirsal enter bvn

I hope the article was helpful

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