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The Minister of State: Industry, Trade and Investment Mariam Katagum has advised applicants of the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises MSMEs, survival fund not to pay money to anyone whatsoever to influence payment from government.

The Minister made this call during the lunch of the transport track of the artisans and transport scheme under the MSME s Survival Fund in Abuja: stating that government has approved all the schemes under the MSME. Survival fund and guaranteed offtake programme as grant.

Katagum noted that the track being launch will give a one off grant of N30,000 each to qualified individuals operating in the transport sector. These include Ride Share drivers, such as Ubah, bolt, taxi drivers, bus drivers, Keke NAPEP, okada riders and cart pushers.

She added that the MSMEs, survival fund and guaranteed offtake scheme, comprising of five different tracks are grants approved under the economic’s sustainability plan to support and sustain the livelihood of vulnerable MSMEs and self-employed individuals, mostly affected by the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The distribution of beneficiaries across the country is: Number of benefiting MSMES, 27,085. Number of individual Beneficiaries, N30,000:00 each paid to 146,266.

MSMES survival funds applications » Voice of Nigeria

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