Mental Abuse by Religious Institutions in Australia Require a Tribunal to Resolve

With the recent completion of the Tribunal into Child Sexual Abuse by Institutions there is another equally as important – that of psychological and mental abuse suffered at their hands. As a non-Catholic in a Catholic School my experience was one of sheer horror, as it was for many others. Now as a speaker and promoter of religious origins, not only of that organisation, many ex-Catholics and others have confided to me their experiences.

Overwhelmingly their pain and suffering due to Church policies and teachings have seen children cast out of homes and even fleeing their countries. One gentleman, in particular, spoke of how he was flogged for being gay at age of puberty. Another spoke of fleeing his country when at 14 he set out on his own and eventually migrated to Australia. He could no longer tolerate the divisive and discriminatory attitude of people around him.

Being homosexual is not something most people choose but it is as natural as anything else. My memory of reincarnation demonstrate how it happens. As a man in my last life and a woman in this one my early life was a tussle between acceptance of my new body while missing the strength and power of the last one.

This is something religion blocks out. The Catholic Church banned reincarnation in the 5th CAD, which followed in other systems where heaven and hell are weapons that force people into acceptance of their misguided tenets.

Religion is powerful and the greatest force behind governments. People conditioned into the lies from birth or because they cannot think logically are prone to accept the teachings. That means stories that people who do not belong or who think differently are of the devil and will take anyone who associates with them to hell are commonplace.

This is the power behind terrorism and it has always been the case. Islam started in Babylon with the Amor who are written of in ancient texts as animalistic in their treatment of others. They invaded, enslaved, murdered, and performed horrendous acts on others as we see happening today at the hands of terrorists.

The Amor built Roma (Rome), reverse Amor, and amore’ in Italian is ‘love’. As the Romans one of their descendants, Constantine, established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and Mary is the Mother God of Babylon. It was the name of the sun and it means ‘mother’s powerful eye’. The Emperor reinstated it as the Mother of God.

She is described as ‘BABYLON THE GREAT AND MOTHER OF HARLOTS’ in Revelation 17:5 because from the same source came the daughter religions spawned of it. ‘Mary’ is the origin of ‘marry’ and men died on crosses to wed ‘her’.

The research into their origin proves that the psychological and mental abuse suffered at the hands of religious institutions is a crime. It is based on fiction and ancient thinking and should be looked into and banned.

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Source by Norma Holt

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