Is Michael Vick a HOF?

Yes Vick is a Hall of Famer and it’s really based on one specific point; you can’t tell the story of football history without mentioning his name; and trust me we’re not talking about a footnote. Michael Vick was a phenomenon on the field. No one had ever seen such athletic ability from the quarterback position. This was more than an Otto Graham, a Doug Flutie, Steve Young or even a Randall Cunningham. Vick had a sick juke equipped with tremendous vision and a great sense of pressure. Posting a sub 4.2 40 yard dash time doesn’t hurt either.

Vick’s hall of fame career began with establishing a football hall of fame college career. Virginia Tech was the spot to be when Michael took the field. Hell Michael was so electrifying it place unfair expectations on his kid brother Marcus. Nonetheless Vick led the Hokies to an ACC championship game with an unforgettable performance against the then dominant powerhouse of Miami. Vick was selected number one overall to the Atlanta Falcons. In franchise history, I don’t believe Atlanta has had such a polarizing figure in their city. Everyone had a number 7 Atlanta Falcon jersey. On Madden, it was who would be first to select the Falcons because Vick was simply an unfair advantage. Not the greatest of season records, he was never a Brady or Manning although the team around him was not on such a level either, neither was the head coach.

At any rate, Vick was the of the most popular sports figure throughout the 2000s. In fact, Vick was never larger a figure than when facing the dog fighting scandal back in 2007. And whether you agreed with his actions or not, none can deny that it was the focal point of all news during its time. And as always all attention was on Vick when it was when it was time for him to return, which may correct me in being his biggest contribution to being in the Hall of Fame. Once he returned, Vick became a model citizen. In fact, it’s safe to say that he so far is the best example of one being able to transform their life practices. Although he changed his lifestyle, his game was still the same old electrifying. Once again stunning the world with his on the field performance, Vick became the first player to sign two 100 million dollar contracts in a career.

Michael Vick’s impact on the NFL and football in general is undeniably Hall of Fame worthy. He continues to impact the football world today and from a personal point you can’t deny the impact he had on African American males who predominantly make up all NFL players which is much more essential than many will offer forward.

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Source by Kelvan Drummond

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