Inspired Marketing: Ferguson’s Chris Clark on Change Management and A Complete Marketing Transformation

Today’s host is the CEO of RelationshipOne, Ron Corbisier, as he interviews Chris Clark in a recent webinar. Chris is the Senior Director of Marketing at Ferguson Enterprises and found himself taking on a very large marketing transformation project while his team was working remotely. Chris breaks down how they had to rethink their marketing architecture and get their tools organized in this week’s episode!

Tune in and Get Inspired to:

  • Understand why a new organizational structure change was one of the key driving factors
  • Execute an internal audit of their processes to help determine what was and wasn’t working
  • Do thorough research based on needs and capabilities required
  • Early successes and aha-moments with Maxymiser, Responsys and Eloqua
  • Stay on top of change management communication and keep the “end-state” top of mind, as much as possible

Key Takeaways:

[:50] Who is Chris and what does he do for Ferguson?
[3:15] What does Ferguson do? It’s one of the largest companies that no one has ever heard of!
[5:05] Ferguson has a wide range of customers that range from B2C to B2B and they have to be mindful of when they’re working on their customer personas.
[5:45] What problem was Chris initially trying to solve in his marketing revamp?
[9:15] They wanted to consolidate all their “miscellaneous” marketing tools because it was getting costly, and it was hard to track what goes where.
[12:35] Chris breaks down why they choose certain marketing tools and how they structured their marketing architecture.
[19:00] Moving legacy technology into Eloqua and Responsys was not an easy effort, but Chris is glad they’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
[19:25] How has Chris been working with the change management component during all of this marketing transformation?
[25:40] Chris shares where he sees this project headed in the future and the different emotions he’s felt during this project.
[27:40] Things are almost wrapping up and he’s now excited to take this to the next level by leveraging their new marketing technology/infrastructure to the fullest.
[28:00] Big shoutout to the executive leadership for backing Chris and his team up on this project!
[34:20] What inspires Chris?

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