I Am Ready To Get Married But What Do Ladies Really Want?

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I Am Ready To Get Married But What Do Ladies Really Want?

Hello ma,

The young man’s story of dating a single mother is what motivated me to send my story. (Read yesterday’s story here). This young man’s story is similar to mine. I am 33 years old and I dated a single mother of 35 years for a year.

When I met her, I never knew she was married and divorced because she looks so hot and pretty. We met during a trip from Lagos to Abuja. Since then, we became very close. We became even best friends. We would chat and talk to each other every day and I knew she was the one for me.

As soon as I started talking about marriage to her, she became different. I was surprised. She started to complain that I am trying to be controlling cos I am younger than her. My family which she never met,she all of a sudden started saying they will not accept her cos she is divorced and have a baby.

I told her several times that my family will accept anyone I choose. She refused to meet my family. She said I was being pushy cos I wanted her to give my family a chance to meet her before she draws her conclusion. She became withdrawn and when I chat with her, she would not have anything to say.

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Overall, I believe she had a complex cos she was divorced and with a kid. I eventually got tired of waiting and toasting and I left her. Right now, I am dating someone younger than me but this lady is not ready for marriage. She feels she is 23 and wants us to wait another 3 years which is fine by me but I think she is saying that also because she does not want to be tied down.

Like I said, I am 33. I feel this is a good age to get married as a man. I am mentally and financially ready but I feel my girl asking me to wait for 3 years is just an excuse. After 5 months of broking up with the single mother, she is now texting me and trying to come back.

So my question now is: this single mother whom I love, how do I know that her complex will not be an issue for us if we get married? Just see like my brother’s story from yesterday…I feel ladies sometimes dont know what they want. They want men who will deceive them.

I have bared my heart to two different women…one older than me…another younger but you see the issues they both have…one is not ready cos she feels she is young and there is time…while the other feels she is older than me and that I will be controlling her or my family will not fully accept her cos she has a kid.

If you were in my shoes…what will you do? I need advise…ladies…what do you really want?

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