How to Save Money at the Eye Doctor

Many people have health insurance but don’t carry things like vision coverage. The reason for this is that it is expensive and many times doesn’t seem to cover very much. There is also the mindset that a heart attack could bury you financially but a new pair of glasses won’t so why worry. The result is millions of people putting off visits to the doctor until the problem is too big to ignore, then paying for everything out of their own pocket. It is estimated that 7 out of 10 Americans are either under insured or completely uninsured and some of the largest numbers are those without vision coverage.

Maybe you are one of the many that wants lasik surgery but hasn’t done anything because you don’t have the money, or needs new glasses but doesn’t want to spend the money. You’re not alone. People are delaying treatments that can greatly improve their quality of life because of money. We also know that if little problems are left untreated they can often grow into much bigger conditions that are more difficult and more expensive to correct. Sometimes they even leave permanent damage.

I personally have faced the dilemma where I didn’t want to fork out large amounts of cash every month for insurance I would rarely use, but at the same time paying those huge doctor bills wasn’t any more appealing. I started researching and looking for an affordable answer to my problem. After going through numerous articles and website that where pretty much selling me the same thing I discovered a new concept called customer driven health care. it turns out that the majority of people are like me and put off check ups and exams as long as possible. This has really hurt medical practices especially eye doctors & dentists, leaving them hungry for new patients.

There are now medical savings groups that bring doctors together with members. The doctor get a new influx of new business and the members get huge discounts on services. Everybody wins.

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Source by Colin Larson

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