How to Pass Microsoft MS-500 Exam and Get Its Related Certification?

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Microsoft exams have many benefits, but unfortunately, they are not easy. There are many candidates that enroll in their tests every year, but only a few of them hit the passing score. The Microsoft MS-500 assessment is one of the most popular tests right now as it can earn you the Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate certification. And as security technology is constantly changing, companies are looking for specialists who are able to find the best solutions to protect their systems and databases. Therefore, many individuals want to get this accreditation that can grant them access to an international company. So, if you are determined to change your career forever, then you should take a look at this MS-500 exam. What makes this assessment attractive is that it alone can get you the above-mentioned badge and consolidate your position in the team. Are you curious to know how you can ace this accreditation? Take a look at the paragraphs below.


Understand MS-500 Exam Blueprint

When it comes to the skills that this assessment gages, MS-500 takes you through different concepts and tests your knowledge of the following topics:

  • Successful implementation and management of user identity and appropriate access;
  • Ensuring the highest level of protection against different types of threats;
  • Implementation of information protection and becoming skilled in managing it;
  • Management of different features of Microsoft 365 to ensure appropriate governance
    and compliance.
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In the main assessment, candidates should expect to receive various types of questions that they will need to solve. You will receive tasks with such formats as active screen, best answer, build list, case study, MCQs, if to name a few. As you can see, the test complexity is quite high.

Therefore, you will need to be well-prepared if you want to get the passing score in your MS-500.


How to Pass MS-500 Test?

The first step that you should take before you launch your prep process is understanding the MS-500 requirements and making a clear plan on how you are going to train for this
assessment. Once you have concluded that you are eligible for MS-500 evaluation, you should also take a look online and identify verified preparation materials. Based on the type of the materials which you are going to use, you can prepare a training schedule and stick to it.


For example, if you enjoy interactive training solutions, you can choose the instructor-led
training. Also, you can use the Microsoft library and identify the books that contain information on security topics.


As each preparation material is different and requires a different time investment, you will
need to be very organized in your training routine. Also, once you get closer to the exam day, you can try the vendor’s official mock test. It is similar to the real assessment and contains 121 practice questions with answers. Thus, you will get used to the real exam and its structure and difficulty level.



The Microsoft MS-500 test is your winning ticket towards leveraging your career and getting access to higher-paid jobs. Nevertheless, proper preparation is essential for your success. By using the vendor’s training materials, you will pass this exam with flying colors and will earn its related certification.

How to Pass Microsoft MS-500 Exam and Get Its Related Certification?

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