How To Make Money With Bulk Candy Machines

We all want to get a few bucks and live a good life. One of the ways in which you can make some good money is investing in bulk candy machines. These are machines which are stocked with candies such as Skittles, gumballs, and M&Ms. Some other machines dispense little toys or stickers in clear globe encasing. As few as 25 cents can yield as many as 10 pieces to the customer.

The benefits of investing in these machines: –

1:- These machines are the best option as the initial investment is not too high. The exact price of the machine varies and may range between about $150 in the approximate to about $450 in the approximate as well. According to many reviewers and users, the products stocked in the machines offer good profits. From the wholesale store, the cost of one gumball may be between 2 cents and 5 cents, but the customer pays 25 cents for that same gumball from the vending machine. This means, you can recoup your initial investment fast especially if you invest in several bulk candy machines, and place them in strategic locations where there are many customers.

2:- In addition to the foregoing, you may benefit from tax exemptions. Some states and countries do not levy tax against the sale of lowly proceed items such as the gumballs and candies stocked in these machines.

3:- When it comes to maintenance, these machines do not have mechanical parts and thus no expertise is required for repair in the event one breaks down.

4:- In addition to the foregoing, the machine does not take up much space. The machine does not draw on your electricity and thus it will not increase the cost of utility.

Important to note:

It may take some bit of time before you realize a significant income and profits. Just like any other business, you need to be patient. However, you can increase the sales and profits by setting them in different locations. Note that the machines need restocking, so you should not place them too far apart; otherwise you will incur costs of driving to and from one vending machine to the other.

The machines are not too heavy, and thus they can be stolen. Ensure you set up the machine in a secure place, where there is plenty of traffic by a person walking by foot.

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Source by Fred S. Gatto

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