Getting the Most out of Responsys (And B2C in general)

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Remarketing, Remarketing, Remarketing

It’s no secret in B2C marketing that a good abandoned cart message can drive revenue like no other, so much so that the “secret” of abandoning a cart is featured on many lifehack blogs and websites. But, is that the end of the rainbow? The sole pot of gold? With a properly configured tool like Infinity Streams linked directly into Responsys, far from it.

Restock or Repurchase Reminder

Does your business sell items that often need to be replaced or renewed? This could include anything from socks, to toiletries, to industrial strength adhesive. If so, why not monitor your customers buying habits, and encourage them to refill their inventory based on online activity and purchase history? Get the customer in the storefront before they even realize they need to be with a well crafted audience designed in Responsys. Not only will you reap the benefits, but your customers will be grateful they didn’t run out of supplies at an inopportune time.

Abandoned Cart Nurturing

Perhaps you have a strong single abandoned cart message, but you’re leaving it there. Often, customers read those messages with every intent of completing that purchase, but are pulled away by one of life’s many distractions. It never hurts to check in on that cart again. If items are still there, unpurchased, waiting to be sold, another gentle nudge (or two!) through a thoughtfully designed Responsys program can be all it takes to close a sale.

Browse Abandon Messages

Purchase history and cart behavior are a great step forward on seeing revenue growth in an age where online shopping is growing at staggering rates, but what about those indecisive folks who come back to your site to look, but just can’t pull the trigger? Whether you’re dealing with a customer who has only viewed the product once for 15 minutes, or a repeat visitor who views the product, changes options, compares and contrasts, etc… a proper Infinity and Responsys integration can generate customized messaging to engage that possible customer with content that speaks directly to them.

At the end of the day, your messaging and customer engagement should be tailored to your business needs to get the best content for your customers, but an almost universal truth of B2C business and for Responsys customers is that Remarketing is king when trying to drive revenue from customers already engaged on your ecomm storefront. Make the most of that truth but customizing your Responsys messaging, and your customer’s experience. Need help building your programs? We’re here, reach out!

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Getting the Most out of Responsys (And B2C in general)Subscribe to our Thought Leadership Today

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