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Fashion designing is about creating and inventing something that is new and something that has never been made before. It is about showcasing your talent and creating something that is completely new and you.

It is about a using the freedom of innovation and creativity and giving form to what you have in your mind.

Technically fashion designing is an art. It makes a balanced use to design and aesthetics beauty into clothing and also in other accessories.

Fashion is not just about giving form to whatever is in your mind but it also keeps in mind the consumer and the culture and society to which he belongs. Bizarre things might not always work, so it is essential that consumer taste and preferences are also kept in mind.

They should be something that can be worn by the people and they also form a part of the inspiration that the other designers get. The design of apparel can be changed to create million other similar yet different ones.

There is a lot of play between the colours, the patterns, the textures, etc.

So let us understand the profession of these people, the fashion designers. The fashion designers are people who work for any number of days in a month depending upon their convenience.

They can work as an independent designer and they can also work as a designer for a company. In the second case they are like the in house designers.

So a freelance would work independently. He/ she would create according to him or her and will then make it marketable. They might open a start a store of their own or they might sell to a number of shops which will directly sell to the customers.

So how does the designing of a garment actually happen? Well it happens in the following manner.

There are different approaches followed by different designers. The first approach is to draw what is in your mind on a piece of paper. This will give a new view to the imagination not just to you but also to the other people. Once that is finalised then the actual work starts.

Some of the designers prefer to first create the design on a cheaper fabric of the same colour. This is cost effective because even if later they realise that the design will not sell in the market, even then they would not have lost too much.

Once there is satisfaction on the cheaper fabric, then the person can carry on, on the actual fabric.

As the name suggests, fashion designer, the first word that is most important is fashion.

So let us understand the types of fashion.

1. Haute conture

This means high fashion. This is a much customised type of fashion in which for each individual depending upon his or her size the creation is made. This is generally very expensive and the material used for the same is also quite expensive.

2. Ready to wear

The ready to wear fashion is a middle path between the haute conture and mass market.

3. Mass market

This means making things that will be fine for everyone something is suits the local sentiments of the regional population. This uses the standard sizes.

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