Exciting New Gadgets for 2014

One of the expected new gadgets of 2013 was Google Glasses. But general consumer releases were delayed until 2014. However, if you think the Google Glasses is the only exciting thing that may be coming to the public in 2014, you would be wrong. Already, a number of exciting new gadgets have been slated for production, and are expected to be released at some point in the upcoming year. Here are some of the things you want to keep an eye out for.

Meta Space Glasses

Already Google Glasses has a competitor. The Meta Space Glasses is a Meta production. It implements a number of technologies already in existence including Kinect-like sensors and processors that are placed on the top of the glasses. These processors are expected to track objects, as well as your hands, as you use them. At the same time, users would wear armbands with tiny projectors. These projectors handle the images, connecting in with the glasses to create a virtual reality experience that goes where you go. Science Focus describes this as allowing you to interact with virtual objects the same way that you would interact with a real one. An official date has not yet been given for when the public can get these glasses, but they are a very exciting new addition to the tech world.

Scanadu Scout

Not all the exciting new gadgets for 2014 are for gaming and virtual interaction. The Scanadu Scout is actually intended to help you monitor and improve your fitness in a way that no other fitness device currently can. Its focus is on providing general health and fitness information on an as-needed basis. The current specs indicate that simply pressing this device to your temple allows it to give you detailed information about your pulse, heart rate, temperature, electrical heart activity, oxygenation levels, and more. While this might sound intriguing but useless, the Scanadu Scout takes it a step further and provides an explanation of what the data means. It also provides information on what you should do based on your readout. Already, Scanadu is planning for an upgrade. The upgraded addition will include add-ons that allow you to check for particular viruses and even pregnancy complications through a saliva analysis. So far, official responses from the medical community outside of the team that has developed the plan have not released much of an opinion, except for concerns that hypochondriacs may use the device too much. However, it looks to be a great option for analyzing your overall health.

Foc.us Headset

Another exciting new device that is coming out in 2014 is actually intended to boost brainpower and cognitive abilities. Over the past few years, a number of experiments have been developed based around transcranial direct current stimulations. Basically, low current electrical waves are passed through your brain, massaging the neurons and supposedly improving your mental function. This particular gadget is the first of its kind in that it would make brain augmentation available to the general public. However, the experts aren’t entirely convinced that this is a legitimate brain augmentation device. While studies have shown improved performance on simple activities, it’s uncertain whether the same improvement would apply to more complex ones.

2014 looks to be an exciting year with lots of new devices coming out. From the Meta Space Glasses which will allow you to interact with virtual items to the Foc.us Headset which will help to improve your brain function supposedly, 2014 holds a lot of promise. These devices will probably cost a fair amount, but the improvements in the device development indicate incredible increases in technological development.

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